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Supervisors/Managers - Finding users in Admin > Users

  1. Login to PDS online.

  2. If you are a manager or administrator, then you probably have access to Admin > Users. This functionality allows you to search for users, view their transcripts, edit transcripts, and so much more. If you are a manager, you probably have limitations on who you will be able to search for.

  3. If you expect to be able to find this user, but you're not finding them, please switch your search criteria so that you are not only searching for "active" users, but you are searching for "all" users. There could be all sorts of reasons for the person's PDS Online account being inactive. For example, if you are searching for a foster parent, then their account will be inactive if there is not an active license listed for that provider in eWiSACWIS - maybe the home is getting re-licensed, and there has been a delay with paperwork getting through.

  4. admin-users_switch-active.png

  5. If you still cannot find the user, then please be aware that there are only two scenarios where you will be able to find users in Admin > Users.

    • You are the manager of this person. Usually, the PDS Online manager is the eWiSACWIS primary assignment. So, usually if you are not already listed as this person's manager, it's not feasible to simply make yourself their manager. (There is an exception if the Primary Assignment in eWiSACWIS is a MAXIMUS worker, or if the person's account is a self-registration account. In both those scenarios, you can simply email and ask for help to become the person's PDS Online manager.)

    • You and the person have both filled out the Qualtrics form and listed your Workplace County/Tribe as being in the same county or tribe. To fill out the form, navigate to Home > Update Profile. On the form, you can update all of your workplace information. Ideally, each individual would fill out their own form, but in some situations, it is allowable for you to fill out the form on someone else's behalf.

  6. If you still cannot find the person, please ask someone.

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