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Social Worker DSPS Licensing Audit - What to do

So, DSPS is auditing you. What do you need to print out and send in from PDS Online in order to prove you attended the trainings on your transcript?

You probably want both a summary of all the trainings you completed and also a description of each individual training on your transcript.

Please note that only trainings with a status of "Completed" will count towards licensing. Also, the field that has the information about how many hours you earned is called "Actual Training Hours Earned" - that's the field that you need to look for on each training and hope that your hours add up to 30 for the licensing period.

  1. First you will navigate to your transcript and run a transcript report by following these instructions: PDS Online - How do I view my transcript?
    This will provide you with an Excel Spreadsheet of all your completed trainings. Please print out the excel spreadsheet.

  2. Next you will click on each individual training name on your completed transcript, and print out the training details page for every completed training in the correct time frame.
  3. sw-audit_click-title.png

  4. On the print outs of each individual training description, we recommend that you highlight both the line saying "Status: Completed" and the appropriate line saying "Actual Training Hours Earned: ..."
    In most instances, Credits and Actual Training Hours Earned will be the same, but you can see an example below where the two fields differ. The training was worth 6 credits, but the person left an hour early and only got 5 Actual Training Hours Earned.

  5. sw-audit_highlight-athe-and-status.png

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