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2330 and 2336 Equipment directions

projector use in 2330 and 2336


How to Turn on the Projector

  1. Turn on the projector by pressing 'On'  under the display section of the white control panel behind the document camera.
    2330 wall plate  2336 wall plate
    2330            2336

How to Project a Laptop

  1. Connect either the HDMI cable or the VGA cable and audio cable to the laptop.
       hdmi and vga
  2. Select 'Wall Plate' on the white control panel on the wall. Note: some laptops may require you to also toggle the screen output, ie. By pressing the windows logo key wall panel + p for fn+F8 on a laptop. These keys vary depending on the laptop. 
       wall panel image
  3. Adjust the volume by using the Volume dial on the white control panel. Note: If having troubles with the audio, make sure that the laptop has sound without being plugged in first.
             wall panel image

How to Use the Document Camera

  1. Select 'Doc Cam' on the white control panel on the wall.
      wall panel image 
  2. Press the 'Power' button on the document camera.
      Document camera
  3. Place your document on the working surface area.  Don't cover up the mirror with your material. 
  4. To adjust the lighting, use the Light button on the document camera next to the power button. 
  5. Turn off the document camera when you are finished. 

    Turning off the Projector

    1. Turn off the projector by holding the 'Display Power' button until it begins to blink.  Note: Once the projector begins to turn off, it will take 5 minutes before it can be started again.
               wall panel image


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