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Create a new curriculum (pd) page

Steps to create a new curriculum (pd) course web page for DPPD courses.

How to add a new Curriculum page (pd) for DPPD Wordpress site

Note:  Reoccurring courses should already have a curriculum page created, this is only for new programs or one-time-only programs.

  1. Log-in to DPPD’s Word Press (WP) site 

    Add curriculum steps 2-3 screenshot
  2. Select Curriculum from the left navigation. 
  3. Select the “Add New” button at top of page 
  4. Add Title - course name without year or subtitle/theme
    Add curriculum steps 4-7 screenshot

  5. Edit Permalink - this is EXTREMELY important!  This is the URL for the course, will remain the same from year to year. 
    • Will need to edit the default as it will use the entire title for the address
    • Do NOT use years in the naming, keep it simple and clean, yet descriptive enough to identify or make it easy for someone to type in a web browser. 
    • All lowercase in naming, avoid “_” or symbols
  6. Course description. The description should remain general for the overarching theme of the conference/course, not specific to a given year.  The curriculum page is always available with general information even when there is not an active Instance page.  There will be exceptions to this for one time offering courses.
  7. Categories – Important setting!  This setting determines where the Curriculum will show in the Catalog.
    • Healthcare Industry
      • H – Blended program
      • H – Conferences
      • H– Short courses
      • H – Web based programs
      • H – Webinar
    • Industry         
      • I – Blended program
      • I – Conferences
      • I – Short courses
      • I – Web based programs
      • I – Webinar
    • Pharmacist
      •  P – Blended program
      • P – Conference
      • P – Web based program
      • P – Webinar
    • Pharmacy Tech
      • T – Blended program
      • P – Conference
      • P – Web based program
      • P – Webinar
  8. Change Curriculum Status to “Active”. The status should be Active unless the course/conference has been permanently discontinued. 
  9. Select the proper Audience.
    add curriculum steps 9-13

  10. Select the course format.
  11. Do you want this course to be featured?  This field will allow a course to appear in a drop-down menu in WordPress which will allow web editors to designate the course as featured on pages such as the home page or landing pages.
    • Current thought is to feature all courses, so select yes.
  12.  Customization Available?
    • Current thought is anything should be customizable, so select yes.
  13. Certificate Program Assignment.  Currently there is only one for Industry, and the faculty should let you know if it needs to be included.  When in doubt ask.
  14. Select the Program Coordinator
  15. Scroll back to the top of the page.
  16. Publish page.  (If you are not ready to make available, select “Save Draft” instead.
    add curriculum step 16 screenshot


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