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SecureBox/Restricted Drive Initial Steps

The following outlines the steps that you need to take to begin the process of fulfilling your request for a SecureBox folder or a campus-maintained Restricted Drive share. These storage methods are used for projects that work with restricted or sensitive data sets, such as HIPAA data.

After you submit a request for a new SecureBox or Restricted drive storage solution, there are several steps you must take along with IIT support to continue the process.

  1. First, please be aware that these requests have usually been taking several weeks to complete. IIT support can try to follow up with the appropriate people if there are excessive delays, but have no control over the process as it is done outside of the Pharmacy school.

  2. Please gather a list of the computers you will use.  This is important as the computers on this list will be the ONLY ones authorized to use the SecureBox/Restricted Drive storage option that you requested, and will be the only computers that IIT support will periodically review for compliance.
    1. The list should consist of each computer's ID.  Each computer issued by IIT support should have a white label on it with the computer ID.  Typically, the ID starts with the characters SOP followed by several alphanumeric characters.  This is the ID you should include on your list.
    2. If, for some reason, your computer does not have that white label, Dell computers have a "service tag" ID that is usually found on the back or bottom of the computer.  Forward that to IIT support.
    3. If you cannot find the service tag ID, IIT support will make a "best effort" attempt at determining the ID from our endpoint management systems.  We will ask that you verify the computer IDs that we find with this method.
    4. With the computer's ID, please list the name or NetID of the person who will use that computer.  
    5. If you requested a Restricted Drive solution, please follow step 3 below and include the static VPN address in your list.

  3. If you requested a Restricted Drive storage solution, please follow the steps below.  The Restricted Drive solution requires a static VPN address for access.  To set  up a static VPN address:
    1. Install the GlobalProtect VPN client if you don’t already have it. contains instructions for downloading, installing, and configuring the client.
      1. Reserve a static VPN address by going to
      2. If you already have a static VPN address, it will appear on the page in the above link.  You do not need to create another one (i.e. you can skip step 3-1-3).
      3. Otherwise, click the “Request Static IP” button. 
      4. Please forward the static VPN address to IIT as DoIT will need that address later in the process.
    2. You do not need to follow these steps if you requested a SecureBox solution (unless you are going to use the shared remote computers in Rm 2527B - see below)!

  4. If you requested a SecureBox storage solution, it will appear as a shared folder in your UW-Madison Box drive.  You will not need a static VPN address to use SecureBox.  However, if you are working remotely and want to use the authorized remote computers in Rm. 2527B to access your SecureBox folder, you will need a static VPN address to connect to those computers.  In that case, please follow the steps above to reserve a static VPN address and forward it to IIT.

  5. Once IIT receives the list of computers used for your project, it will conduct an initial review of them. You will likely be asked to apply some updates to improve the security posture of the computer. IIT will also complete a mandatory endpoint checklist for each listed computer. The checklist helps to document that the computer meets certain requirements for use as a computer that processes or stores restricted information (ePHI).

  6. Finally, please review the PDF that was sent to you by email.  It contains our policy stating what we need to do to keep the data protected.  Please contact IIT or the HIPAA Security Coordinator for Pharmacy if you have any questions.

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