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2002 / 2006 SoP Lecture Hall AV Equipment Guide

Operating the Audio-Visual Equipment in SoP Rooms 2002 and 2006 (big lecture halls)

For assistance in Lecture halls, please contact Amy Childs.

Start up the panel screen

  1. To turn on the system, touch the panel screen.
    2002 2006 control display

Directions to connect wireless from a Windows machine.
Directions to connect wireless to Mac OS.


Use the desktop computer

  1. Start up the panel screen.
  2. Turn on the computer.
  3. Select the Computer button on the panel screen.
       room computer button 

    Note: Blackout the screen is activated by clicking on the BLANK button. The button turns green when the digital projector is on mute. Nothing will show on the screen when BLANK is activated.
    blank screen

  4. Launch the program/file you would like to present. For example, if you would like to present a PowerPoint presentation, simply start up the presentation.


Wired connection to a laptop

  1. Connect the appropriate dongle to the laptop. 
  2. Start up the panel screen
  3. Select the Laptop button on the panel screen.
      laptop button


Use the document camera 

  1. Start up the panel screen.
  2. Press the POWER button on the document camera. The light for the power button will turn green to indicate it is on.
         document camera screen shot  document camera power
  3. Place your document on the working surface area. 
  4. Select the Doc Cam button on the panel screen.
    document camera button
  5. To adjust the size of the projected document, use the ZOOM dial. Turn the dial towards the "one person" button to make the image larger and towards the "three people" button to make it smaller.
       document camera zoom
  6. Turn off the document camera when you are finished.


Adjust the lights

  1. On the panel screen.
  2. Select the Light bulb button on the panel screen.
  3. Select the "Preset" button that best meets the needs for the presentation. For example, select the Preset 1 button to turn off the under lights. Note: The lights can also be controlled with the lighting panels along the side of the room.
  4. Pressing the Light bulb again will close the window.


Adjust the volume

  1. Start up the panel screen.
  2. Use the arrow on the panel screen to adjust the volume. The Program Volume is the audio from the dedicated computer or laptop. The Mic Volume controls the lavaliere or handheld mic.
    Note: You can also mute the volumes from the control panel.


Use the Microphone

Note: The lavalier microphones are available for rooms 2002 and 2006. They can be found in the cabinet below the document camera. 

  1. Directions for the lavaliere mic.


Play a DVD

  1. Please see IIT if you need to play a DVD.  It will not project with the desktop computer.


Shutdown the panel system

  1. Select the Shutdown (power) button. 
  2. In the pop-up box, select the Yes Shutdown System button. Note: Once the system is turned off, it takes only takes a few minutes before it is ready to restart. Please refer to the 'Typical Weekly Schedule' to see if there is a following lecture or if the system should be shut down.
  3. Make sure other pieces of equipment are shutdown as well, ie. the document camera and the dedicated computer.


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