Network Usage with Personal Computers

iit Security policy for personal computer regarding network usage

Personal Computer Agreement

  1. The University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy requires that personal computers brought into Rennebohm Hall and for use on the School’s network meet certain security requirements. Meeting these requirements is an ongoing process that the owners of these computers must do regularly.
  1. Definitions.
    personal computer is one that the School of Pharmacy does not own or control – you purchased it with personal finds. It can be a laptop, desktop, or any other computing device. For purposes of this policy, a personal computer may also refer to one that is owned by another agency or other non-School of Pharmacy source.
  1. School of Pharmacy network is the communication medium through which a computer connects to network resources such as web sites or email servers. Any computer assigned an IP address in one of the following subnets uses the School of Pharmacy network: 128.104.112.x, 128.104.113.x, or 128.104.114.x. This definition excludes the wireless network available in Rennebohm Hall.
  1. Policy.
  1. This policy does not apply to personal computers that use the campus wireless network, except for paragraphs 3b, 3c, 3d, 3e, 3f and 3i. Paragraphs 3b-3f refer to campus policies that can be enforced whether you use the wireless network or not.
  1. All personal computers must have an antivirus package installed and configured to receive updates automatically.
  1. Owners of personal computers should regularly (at least once per week) check appropriate web sites for patches, fixes, service packs, or any other software that addresses known security risks for their operating system.
  1. Computers must run an operating system that is “actively supported” by the vendor (i.e., the vendor still offers updates for the OS).
  1. Owners of personal computers must abide by the “appropriate use” guidelines set forth by the University of Wisconsin. These guidelines are at this web site:
  1. Email or other accounts created for the sole purpose of performing work-related responsibilities are not to be shared with other users or family members.
  1. Some operating systems, such as WindowsTM, let you assign a “network name” to your computer. Network names must be unique on a network. If by chance there is a conflict in network names, School of Pharmacy IT staff will assign unique network names to all computers causing the conflict.
  1. Hard drives, folders, or any other resource on a personal computer are not to be shared. This potentially exposes personal data to the network.
  1. The School of Pharmacy is not responsible for damage to or theft of any personal computer. The owner is responsible for taking it home at the end of the day or keeping it in a locked drawer, cabinet, room, or other secure location while not at work.
  1. We may update this policy as needed to address emerging threats and technologies.
  1. Failure to comply with these requirements, or network problems or security breaches traced to a personal computer, will result in consequences to be determined by the owner’s faculty supervisor and the School of Pharmacy Director of Information Technology.

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