Create news item in WordPress

Steps for creating a news story in WP:

  1. Log into the SoP WordPress site by clicking on the Intranet link located in the upper right area of the site header.
    image showing Intranet link located in upper right area of SoP website header

  2. Under General Applications, select "Web Server".
    image of general applications list

  3. Create a new post by doing one of the following:
    A) From the black toolbar that spans the top of the page, click on "+ New" and select "Post" from the drop-down menu.  Or...
    From the black toolbar across the top of the page, click on "+ New" and select "Post" from the drop-down menu. 

    B) In the vertical menu at the left of the page, click on "Posts", and then select "Add New" from the submenu that appears.
    In the vertical menu at the left of the page, click on "Posts", and then select "Add New" from the submenu that appears.
  4. Type in a title for your news story in the field provided.  Shorter is better.
    Image of location of title & body text

  5. Copy and paste the text for the news story into the text field provided.  Things to remember:

    • If you are using Chrome, please activate the “Paste as text” icon. This will strip out all extraneous formatting and ensure that your text loads in cleanly.
      image showing where to find the "Paste as Text" button on the WYSIWYG editor

    • Use the editing interface to add formatting (bold text, italicized text, bullet points, etc.)

    • Please don’t use underlined text unless you are creating a link - (in which case you can highlight the text to be linked and hit the "Create/Edit a link button.)
      image showing how to highlight text and hit the "Create link" button on WYSIWYG editor

    • Please don't use H1 or H2 text.  Instead, use H3 or H4.

    • If you need to include a link that goes to a non-SoP website, make sure to check the “Open link in a new tab” checkbox. You can do this by clicking on the link and selecting Link options icon (gear wheel) in the pop-up dialogue box as shown below.
      image showing how to access the options for a web link

      Then activate the check-box for "Open link in a new tab" and hit the blue "Add link" button to save this change.
      image showing the checkbox for "Open link in new tab."

  6. Once you've added the body text, place your cursor at the end of the first sentence and click on the Read More Tag icon. This will keep the teaser text short and provides a logical place for the "Read more" link to display.
    Once you've added the body text, place your cursor at the end of the first sentence, and then click on the Read More Tag icon.

    In some cases, the first sentence/section of your article isn't suited to function as teaser text (i.e., when the first chunk of text includes the author's name).  In these situations, you can scroll down to the Excerpt field and enter your teaser content - this will override the cut-off point of the More tag icon positioned in the body text field.

    Use the excerpt text field to add teaser text when you don't want to use the text in the content text field.

  7. Each news story should have a photo to accompany it.
    • Image dimensions for news story photo:  In order to display properly (i.e., as a thumbnail on SoP home and the News & Events page feeds) the image must be 720 px wide by 432 px tall, with a resolution of 96 dpi.
    • Select an image from the Media Library by clicking on the "Featured Image" link (right column).
      To add an image, click on the "Featured Image" button.

      This will open the Media Library window.  Select the image you wish to use (blue check box will be activated).  Make sure the image has some Alt Text (necessary for accessibility) and a caption (if desired). You can also add an extra tag word to the Title (e.g., stock-photo, pharmsci, aihp) to make it easy to pull the image up via search in the future.  Click on the "Set featured image" button.

      Select an image from the Media Library.  Make sure it has alt text (for accessibility) and a caption (if desired).
    • Stock Images:  If you do not have an image for your story, you can use a stock image. Type "stock-image" into the search field in the Media Library to bring up stock images.

  8. Select the checkbox(es) for the appropriate category/categories for your story.  Most of these categories function as filters, enabling viewers to narrow down stories they wish to see.  In some cases, the categories set the destination of where the story is displayed. 

    • All stories should have the "News" category selected. 
    • Stories to be displayed on the SoP homepage should have the "Hompage News Feature" category selected.
    • Categories that set displays on the News & Events page are: 
      1. News Feature: Use this only for the single story that is featured on the News & Events page. 
      2. Alumni Highlight
      3. Faculty Highlight
      4. Student Highlight
    • The remaining categories exist mainly to help people search/filter stories by category.
    • New news stories that are saved with no tags assigned will automatically be tagged as "Uncategorized".  When going back in to edit and publish a story, make sure to deactivate the "Uncategorized" checkbox.
    • Avoid applying multiple News & Event page tags to the same story.  For example, if a story has both the "News Feature" and "Faculty Highlight" activated, the story will appear in both feeds, creating a duplicate display on the News & Events page.

  9. Use the Preview button to see what your story will look like.

  10. Hit "Save Draft" to save the story as a Draft (which you can come back into to edit again before making the story live), or
    Publish it immediately by clicking on the blue Publish button, or
    Publish it at a future date by adjusting the calendar date fields.
    Save the story as a Draft, Publish it immediately, or Publish it at a future date.

  11. Once you're done, take a look at how the new story displays on the SoP home page and the News & Events page.  You may need to adjust the length of the teaser text - ideally it should not be taller than the thumbnail image.
    The teaser text should ideally not exceed the height of the news thumbnail image.

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