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Winston J. Durant Hospital Pharmacy Residency Legacy Fund Donors

The Winston J. Durant Hospital Pharmacy Residency Legacy Fund supports the world-renowned, two-year administration program that has trained more than 170 residents who have served in leadership positions in pharmacy professional organizations and in many of the top hospitals and health care systems around the world.

Please join us in thanking our donors for their generous contributions:

340B Prime Vendor Program

Mr. Olusegun E. Akinwole

Mr. David M. Angaran

Dr. Sylvia M. Belford

Dr. Jason J. Bergsbaken

Ms. Carrie L. Boeckelman

Mr. Philip W. Brummond

Associate Professor Ruth H Bruskiewitz

Dr. Scott L. Canfield

Ms. Navy N. Chhay

Mr. Kavish J. Choudhary and Ms. Amanda Choudhary

Mr. John S. Clark

Dr. Patrick R. Cory

Ms. Katie A. Croegaert

Mr. Christopher J. Decker

Ms. Debra S. Devereaux

Durant Family Trust

Professor and Mrs. William A. Edwards

Dr. Michael J. Fallon

Mr. Russell L. Findlay and Ms. Lyndsey K. Findlay

Ms. Doris A. Fishman

Ms. Adrianne M. Friemel

Mr. David W. Fuhs


Mr. Paul J. Gilbride and Ms. Nancy A. Gilbride

Ms. Amanda M. Gordon

Dr. David R. Hager

Dr. Katherine J. Hartkopf

Mr. Steven C. Hartwig

Mr. David L. Henning

Mr. James D. Herrick and Ms. Sara A. Herrick

Mr. James M. and Prof Joy E. Hoffman

Drs. Tom D. and Marianne F. Ivey

Mr. Russell J. Jensen and Ms. Sandra S. Jensen

Ms. Susan A. Johnston

Mr. Stanley S. Kent

Professor Mara A. Kieser

Mr. Scott J. Knoer

Mrs. Patty M. Kohli

Mr. Paul R. Krogh

Mr. Nicholas Ladikos

Dr. Heather A. Larue

Dr. Korby M. Lathrop

Ms. Jennifer P. Lendborg and Mr. John P. Lendborg

Dr. Tyler K. Liebenstein

Ms. Stacy B. Livingston

Dr. James T. Lund

Ms. Mary Mably

Dr. Neil J. Mackinnon

Dr. George E. MacKinnon and Mrs. Karen J. MacKinnon

Mr. Michael G. Madalon and Ms. Angela M. Madalon

Mr. Paul D. Maddrell

Ms. Kelly L. Martin

McKesson Corporation

Mr. Michael J. Melby

Mr. Andrew M. North

Mr. Richard K. Onson and Ms. Linda K. Onson

Dr. Brandon J. Ordway

Ms. Melissa A. Ortega

Mr. Bruce A. Osler

Ms. Makala Pace

Mr. Victor J. Perini

Mr. Roderick C. Jorgenson and Ms. Connie R. Peterson

Mr. David J. Francetic and Dean Jeanette C. Roberts

Mr. Steven S. Rough

Mr. Michael E. Rubino and Ms. Mary J. Rubino

Ms. Jordan C. Rush

Ms. Heather N. Schrant

Dr. Lucas T. Schulz

Mr. Bruce E. Scott

Drs. Nilay D. and Kristen A. Shah

Mr. James D. Sheahan

Mr. Ronald C. Silberg

Professor Kathleen A. Skibinski

Dr. Erick M. Sokn

Dr. Ronald L. and Prof. Christine Sorkness

Dr. Chad S. Stashek

Dr. Aaron L. Steffenhagen

Mr. James G. Stevenson

Mr. Eric J. Stirm

Mr. Thomas Temple

Mr. Jack D. Temple

Professor Thomas S. Thielke

Thomas R. Temple Consulting LLC

Drs. Philip J. and Kari L. Trapskin

University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics

Dr. Meghann M. Voegeli

Dr. April J. Weaver

Mr. Aaron P. Webb

Dr. Ashley K. Weber

Mr. Matthew L. Wolf

Mr. David A. Wolfrath and Ms. Rachel Wolfrath

Mr. David A. Zilz and Ms. Mary A. Zilz


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