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Spring 2021 Course Preview Tableau


Enrollment for spring semester classes will occur later this year, starting in early December with graduate and professional students and continuing into January. The full schedule of classes for Spring 2021 is targeted to be available in early December. In the meantime, and to aid with enrollment planning, a draft of expected course offerings is available in this Spring 2021 Course Preview Tableau.


Students may wish to use the results from this preview in conjunction with Course Search & Enroll. For example, preview results could inform which courses they want to add to their “Degree Planner” for Spring 2021, which could then be run against the degree audit or a “what if” audit in the “Degree Audit (DARS)" tab.
For more information, see Course Search & Enroll - Degree Planner, and DARS guides.

Important note: The courses listed are not guaranteed to be offered. The final schedule of Spring 2021 classes will be available in early December through Course Search & Enroll.

Course Preview

Navigate to the Spring 2021 Course Preview Tableau.
Click the i button on the upper right at any point to view relevant definitions.

By default, the preview will have all available filters selected (Step 1) and the full list of courses by subject displayed (Step 2). Without selecting a specific course, the course details tab (Step 3) will not provide any insight.

Step 1: Select Filters

The available filters are:

  • Subject
  • Breadth
  • Gen Ed
  • Course Level
  • Course Title Keyword

By default, all filters are set to show all results and the keyword search is blank.
Click on each filter's drop-down menu to change the selection. You may use as many or as few filters as you'd like and may select as many boxes within each filter as you'd like.

Apply filter

Please note:

  • Use the |<- Revert button on the bottom left (or top left, depending on your browser) to reset all filters selections.

    Revert button

  • The "Null" option will return results of the specific filter having no value. For example, if for the Breadth filter you have selected "Null", the results will only display courses without a Breadth value. If you keep all filter options unmarked, the search will return no results. The “Null” option can be regarded as “None” for this purpose.
  • The results will reflect all filters options combined. This applies to the title keyword search as well.
    In the example below, the search returned courses with the title keyword of "intro" after applying Subject, Breadth, Gen Ed and Level filters.

    Filters and search results

  • When using the Breadth filter, select all boxes for the category of interest.
    For example, if you are looking for a "Humanities" course, select all boxes with the word "Humanities" in the description ("Humanities", "Humanities or Natural Sci" AND "Humanities or Social Sci").

    Breadth filters

  • Notes for using Title Keyword search:
    • The search function is not case sensitive
    • Does not use search operators such as " + -
    • Will not display approximate results ("Cultures" search won't return results with "Culture" in the title)
    • Course titles may use acronyms, abbreviations or symbols. Make sure to use broad and simple keyword terms, as the search function will only return exact results (searching with the keyword "and" will not return results with "&" in its title, "Literature" and "Lit" will not return the same results)

Step 2: Select Course

The list will display all courses that match any selected filters. If you did not select any filters or used the search function, all courses will display.
Courses are sorted in this order:

  1. Subject name (A-Z)
  2. Course number (ascending)
  3. Course title (A-Z)

Browse the list and click a course number or title to view more information under View Course Details.

Select course from list

Step 3: View Course Details

Once a course is selected, the View Course Details panel will populate.

  • “Null” values can be regarded as “None” for this purpose.
  • L&S Degree Credit values are either Null, T for credit outside L&S, or C for credit in L&S.
  • Information under Course Description and Course Prerequisites may not be displayed in its entirety. Click or hover your cursor over these fields for the full text.

    Full description

  • Once course section information is available in Course Search & Enroll, you may notice additional section-level requisites. For example, in addition to the course-level requisite, a section might be reserved for residents of a residential learning community, for First-Year Interest Group participants, or for students in an Honors program.

Tips and General Notes

  • To view a customized list of courses of interest, select different course titles while holding the Ctrl or button to select multiple courses. After selecting all courses, hover over one of them and click Keep Only. This will create a list of the selected courses.
  • An alternative way of viewing a customized list is to select any courses you do not want to include, hover over them and click Exclude. Select the remaining course and click Keep Only. You can always remove courses from that customized list by excluding courses from that list.

    Keep Only or Exclude

  • If the Pause button was selected, no changes or searches are available and the display will "freeze". This means you will not be able to enter a keyword search, apply filters, or select a course from the list.
    If you do not see a Pause button, that means it was selected and the Resume button will be displayed instead. To release the display "freeze", click the Resume button.

    Pause or Resume button

    Resume button

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