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This document outlines how to use TransferologyLab to view equivalencies.


TransferologyLab is an extension of Transferology, designed to support the needs of staff at colleges and universities that are part of the network. In the Lab, users review and manage student interest, access advising resources like equivalency information, and optimize their institution's transfer-friendliness by fine-tuning equivalency and profile data. Administrators can also use the Lab to create, update, or deactivate Lab users. Any UW-Madison faculty or staff who need access to Transferology will use the TransferologyLab extension.
TransferologyLab does not have equivalencies for every course from every institution. If you do not see an equivalent, that doesn't mean that the course isn't transferable; it simply means that it has not been reviewed yet.

How To Get Access 

For Faculty and Staff attempting to access TransferologyLab:

  1. If you were directed to TransferologyLab because an email said an account was created for you:

    1. Follow the link in your email and create a password to complete your account setup.
  2. If you did not receive an email to set up a Transferology Lab account:

    1. Click "Request Lab Account" under Log In button at
    2. Enter required information. Be sure to use your email address

    3. Wait for an administrator to approve your account

    4. Follow the email sent to the email address you used to verify and attempt to log in

Log In

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select Log in at the top right or Enter the lab

    Transferology Lab log in homepage

    3. The username is the UW email.If you do not remember your password, select "Can't log in".  If you do not have a lab account, select "Request Lab Account". TransferologyLab accounts are available for faculty and staff. If you use TES, the login credentials are the exact same as TransferologyLab. If you change your password in either tool, it will change your password for both tools.

    Transferology Email Log in

    Once logged in, you will be taken to the home page.

    Transferology Lab Home Page

View Course Equivalencies

This feature is used to view how courses at other institutions transfer to UW-Madison. 
  1. On the upper right side select Advising & Recruiting. Select Transfer Equivalencies.
    Advising and Recruiting drop down in Transferology Lab
  2. The "Transferring To" institution will default to UW-Madison. Leave this default as-is to verify how courses will transfer to UW-Madison. The "Transferring To" institution can be changed by typing in the box to see how UW-Madison's courses transfer to another institution that uses Transferology.
  3. The "Filter" on the right hand side will default to Wisconsin institutions. The filter can be changed to another state or "All Locations" for all institutions. The institutions appear in alphabetical order. Search for a specific institution by typing the name in the "Transferring From" box.Transfer Equivalencies with box around Transfer to and Filter section
  4. Select green magnifying glass button to view the equivalencies for that institution.
  5. The default setting is the first department alphabetically at that institution. Select the box to choose a specific department or view all equivalencies. 

    Department filter

  6. The transfer course appears on the left hand side of the page. The transfer course department and number must match exactly to the course at the transfer institution for the equivalency to be valid. When two courses are grouped together indicated by "and", both courses must be completed in order to receive the equivalency. If there is a date after the course title, it indicates when the equivalency began. This does not indicate when the course was last reviewed. Course equivalencies seen in TransferologyLab are active equivalencies with an end date in the future. 
  7. Grouped equivalencies

    The UW equivalent appears on the right hand side of the page. After the course title, it indicates how many credits may be earned for the course. Elective credits are hyperlinked with breadth and level information. Scroll over the hyperlink to view the attributes. 

    Attributes for an equivalent course

    Beneath the UW equivalent, there are notes that indicate when the course was last reviewed. If there are no notes, then the course hasn't recently been reviewed. Students should not submit reevaluations for courses that were recently reviewed. 

    Transferology Notes

  8. The results may be printed or exported by selecting the corresponding button.Printing transfer equivalencies
  9. Select "Return to Search" to return to the list of institutions.

    View UW Course Equivalents at Transfer Institutions/Reverse Look Up

     This feature is used to find a list of courses at other institutions that are equivalent to a specific UW-Madison course.
    1. On the upper right side select Advising & Recruiting. Select Replacement Course.
    2. Advising and Recruiting dropdown menu
    3. School Name will default to University of Wisconsin- Madison. Do not change the school name if the intention is to transfer the course back to UW.
    4. Enter the UW-Madison department. 
      Replacement Course
    5. Select the UW-Madison course by using the green magnifying glass button on the right.
      Department listing
    6. Once a UW Madison course is selected, TransferologyLab will populate a list of transfer courses that are a direct equivalent to the UW Madison course. Transfer institutions can be filtered by state or all locations. Please note the default is for Wisconsin. The results will show the institutions where there is a transfer course, listed on the left side, that transfers as the UW course. The course department and number must match exactly in order for the equivalency to be valid. The presence of a transfer equivalent does not confirm that that the course is currently offered at the transfer institution. 
      If you are looking for a specific institution, search for it in the search bar. The filter must be set to the state where the institution is or to all locations. 
      Transferable course results
      The state can be changed to any state or All Locations will provide results for all states by using the filter on the right. Filter can also be set by distance from a zip code. Once the filter criteria is set, select apply.
    7. Results may also be emailed by selecting the "Email these results button", and completing the form. 
    8. Select "Return to Search" to choose another UW-Madison course. 

      More Information and Support

      TranferologyLab has extensive support documentation provided with the tool. For documentation on the TranferologyLab System, see the following link: TransferologyLab.

      If you need assistance with TransferologyLab, please send and email to .

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