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SIS/Manage Your Enrollment - Viewing Student Information


This document outlines the steps for viewing student information, including the enrollment detail summary, student enrollment history, placement test scores, and term credit override.

Table of Contents

Enrollment Detail Summary

This report provides detailed information about a student’s enrollment for a specific term.

Step 1

From Home, select: Student Records WorkCenter, Enrollment Detail Summary. The entry prompt will display.

Tip: Menu navigation: > UW Madison Applications > Registrars Office WorkCenters > Student Records WorkCenter > Enrollment Detail Summary

Step 2

Enter EmplID.

Tip: If needed, select EmplID Look up, select "Advanced Lookup," search by Campus ID or Last Name/First Name.

Step 3

Optional: Enter Term number. If entered, term number displays; otherwise, the field i blank.

Step 4

Select "View Results." The initial high level U_SR_ENRL_DTL_TERM Enrollment Detail Summary report displays.

Step 5

If you select "Term" or "Term Descr," all Enrolled, Dropped, or Waiting course sections display. The detailed U_SR_ENRL_DTL Enrollment Detail report displays. Close the tab when you're done.


  • You cannot sort the results; you can download.
  • If you select "Class Nbr" on Enrollment Detail page, the class meeting pattern, room and instructor display. Close tab when done.

Step 6

If you select "Click Start Date for Grid" on the Enrollment Detail page, the schedule displays for first week of first active enrolled class. The Schedule displays.

Tips: Change Week, Time, and/or Display Options and Refresh Calendar. Close the tab when you're done.

Student Enrollment History

The Student Enrollment History page is used to:

  • Verify that a student had been enrolled or attempted to enroll in a specific course or to determine that a student dropped a course in error and needs to be re-enrolled.
  • Verify if and when a course Change Request was processed by the Registrar’s Office.
  • Verify actual enrollment activity attempts, which is helpful in special circumstances.
  • Verify error message student received when attempting enrollment activity.

Step 1

From Home, select: Student Records WorkCenter, Student Enrollment History. The Enrollment Trail page will display.

Tip: Menu navigation: > Records and Enrollment > Enroll Students > Student Enrollment History.

Step 2

Use the "SIS ID" magnifying glass look up to locate the student’s ID. Look up and select the student. The student’s SIS ID appears on the Enrollment Trail page.

Step 3

Enter Term.

Step 4

If you wish to limit your search to a specific type of enrollment action, select your desired "Enroll Request Action" from the list.

Example: If you only want to see a student’s adds for a term, select the "ENROLL" action.

Step 5 

If you wish to focus on the action of a specific enrollment component, enter "Enrollment Class Nbr."

Tip: If the Class Nbr is unknown, use the magnifying glass lookup to find the number.

Step 6

Select "Search." The Search Results page will display if there is a match.

Step 7 

Use the vertical and horizontal scroll bars to view all student enrollment history fields.

Note: The rows display in ascending System Date Time order; you can sort the columns differently by selecting the desired column heading. Reference Student Enrollment History Field Descriptions for full description of these columns.

Step 8 

If you are unsure of what the columns or error messages mean, select the information button at the top of the page.

Placement Test Scores

Use the Placement Test Scores to view test scores for ACT, SAT, AP, TOEFL, and UW System Placement, such as English and Math placement and Foreign Language.

Step 1

From Home, select: Student Records WorkCenter, Placement Test Scores.

Tip: Menu navigation: > Records and Enrollment > Transfer Credit Evaluation > Placement Test Scores.

Step 2

Use the Find page to locate the desired students. Search by Last Name and First Name or Campus ID. All test score information for the specified student displays on the Placement Test Scores page. 

Note: The default of this page is to display all test summaries.

Term Credit Override

Various offices can override a student’s pre-established maximum enrollment limits per term. You can view if a student has been given overrode permission, as well as a minimum credit load, on the Term Credit Override page.

Step 1

From Home, select: Students Records WorkCenter, |Dean/Dept Processing|, Term Credit Override.

Tip: Menu navigation: > Records and Enrollment > Dean/Dept Processing > Term Credit Override.

Step 2

Use the Find page to locate the student.

Note: You can view the number of units (credits) the student can take (maximum and/or minimum).

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