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SIS/Advisor - Student Advisor Page Field Descriptions


This document outlines the Student Advisor page field descriptions.

Student Advisor Page

The Student Advisor page provides you the opportunity to add, change, or delete a student's advisor assignment(s).

Navigate to:

  • Student Records WorkCenter, Student Advisor


  • > Records and Enrollment > Student Background Information > Student Advisor

Image of blank fields in the SIS Student Advisor Page

Student Advisor Page Field Descriptions

The table below describes the fields found on the Student Advisor page:

List of field titles and their descriptions
Field Description
Name Student’s primary name.
ID SIS ID. This number is system-generated and not the same as the Campus ID.
Campus ID Student’s 10-digit campus ID number.
Academic Institution Name of our institution. Defaults to ‘UWMSN’, for UW–Madison
Effective Date

Last date a change was made to a student’s advisor assignment.

  • Effective Date defaults to the current date for a new record.
  • Date must be changed manually after the first save.
  • Effective Date can be past, present, or future.
  • When updating or adding additional advisors, change Effective Date to today’s date, but if this record is future dated, keep the date as is.
  • You may need to future date to start of next term, Term Begin and End Dates can be found here: Student Records WorkCenter, |Dean/Dept Processing|, Session Dates and Deadlines.

Relationship to Program/Plan Page Effective Dates: 

In order for the student’s Academic Program & Plan data to be available in the magnifying glass Look up lists on the Student Advisor page, the Effective Date on the Student Advisor page must be later than or equal to the Effective Date on the Program/Plan page.

(See Relationship of Student Advisor Page & Student Program/Plan Page)

The following rules generally apply to how actions on the Program/Plan page are effective dated:

  • If a student is a Current Student: Then the Effective Date on the Program/Plan page is usually set to the first day of the term in which the change was or is to be made.
  • If a student is a New UW-Madison Undergraduate Student: Then the Effective Date on the Program/Plan page is usually set to the date the student is matriculated.
Advisor Role

Type of advisor to this student. Defaults to ‘Academic’; Change if needed. 

Academic Advisor 

Indicates the student’s ‘Academic’ advisor assigned in relation to the student’s program and plan. Every undergraduate and graduate student must have an assigned ‘Academic’ advisor. 

Other/Auxiliary Advisor 

Besides a primary ‘Academic’ advisor, the student may have other defined auxiliary advisor assignments, such as:

  • Center for Academic Excellence (CAE)
  • Center-Educational Opportunity (CeO)
  • PEOPLE          
  • Pre-Business          
  • Veterans Benefits 
  • Athletics
  • Faculty Advisor
  • Graduate Coordinator
  • Career Advisor

Contact Katie Paar ( to create new auxiliary advisor type.

Advisor Number Automatically updates to indicate the order of advisor assignments. This may or may not indicate the number of advisors currently assigned to a student since rows are sometimes deleted and the Advisor Number does not change

Academic Career


All students belong to an academic career: Undergraduate, Graduate, Law, Medical, Pharmacy, Vetmed, or Univ Specials Students.

All Academic Careers recorded on the Student Program/Plan page as of the Effective Date on the Student Advisor page will be available for selection.

Select correct option. (no warning if incorrect selection)

Academic Program

UGRD = Degree (BS, BA)

GRAD = Major (Chem)

Academic Career selected above drives the Academic Program selection list. 

All current Academic Programs recorded on the Student Program/Plan page within the chosen Academic Career as of the Effective Date on the Student Advisor page will be available for selection.

Select correct option. (no warning if incorrect selection)

Academic Advisor

SIS EmplID of assigned advisor. 

Tip: Use the magnifying glass Look up button to find the advisor you are seeking by L & F Name or Campus ID

This search only looks at active advisors as identified on the Instructor/Advisor Table ( Advisor).

Navigate to: > Curriculum Management > Instructor/Advisor Information > Instructor/Advisor Table. 

Contact Debbie Moy ( to activate advisor.

Advisor Percentage UW–Madison does not use this field. Leave field empty.

If you checked Advised by Committee, select committee name. 

Contact Debbie Moy ( to create a committee

Advised by Committee

Check þ if you want to assign a pre-defined committee.

When Advised by Committee is checked þ, the Committee field activates, and the Academic Advisor field inactivates.

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