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DARS/Students - Read a DARS audit report


This document highlights the features of the DARS audit format for students available through Course Search & Enroll app.


On August 30, 2019, an updated DARS audit request page was made available for students within Course Search & Enroll (CS&E) app. For more information about how to access the DARS audit request page via Course Search & Enroll app, see DARS/Students - Start the DARS audit request process

How-To Video

Available views

The two views available for students via CS&E will be:
  • CS&E web view
  • CS&E downloadable PDF

Course Search & Enroll: Audit Report Web View

  1. Click "View" on the audit you wish to open in the web browser

    screenshot of audit option with box around View button

  2. The top of every audit contains standard information about:
    • That particular audit request parameters including the selected academic plan, catalog years, and date/time of the request
    • The student's academic record including currently declared plans, academic advisors, high school units, and advanced standing credits

      screenshot of degree audit tab in Course Search and Enroll with box around the top of the audit indicating that the audit contains information about the specific audit request and then below your academic record.

  3. The Degree Audit Requirements area contains: 
    • The overall audit completion status
    • The list of requirements for the selected academic plan

      screenshot of degree audit requirements screen in Course Search and Enroll indicating the top of the screen shows audit completion status and below that a list of requirements

  4. Click on a requirement to see which sub-requirements must be met.

    a closer screenshot of the requirements section of an audit showing the drop down arrow for the requirement and then when clicked on the sub-requirement

  5. If a sub-requirement is not complete, look for the text indicating what course(s) are needed to fulfill the requirement.

    screenshot showing a red X next to a sub requirement and then a box around text that indicates what courses are needed

  6. The legend at the bottom of every audit outlines what the Requirement and Sub-requirement symbols mean.
screenshot of the legend or key for a degree audit

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