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This document outlines the differences between Transferology and TransferologyLab, who needs to use the software, and how to access and use the software.



Transferology is a nationwide network designed to help students explore their college transfer options. The Universities of Wisconsin transitioned to Transferology on July 1, 2020. Transferology can be accessed by any current or prospective student who is interested in seeing how their credits will transfer in the University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Technical College, and Wisconsin Tribal College systems, as well as several two-year institutions from Minnesota and Illinois. The Credit Evaluation Service will gradually be expanding the data included in Transferology to the other nation schools participating in using this platform.

Who Needs Access?

Students can set up their own accounts here - 

UW–Madison teachers, advisors, and/or staff should not create an account in Transferology but rather should use the administrative version of the tool, called TransferologyLab.

Transferology User Guide

Transferology - User Guide



TransferologyLab is an extension of Transferology designed to support the needs of staff at colleges and universities that are part of the network. In the Lab, users review and manage student interest, access advising resources like equivalency look-ups, and optimize their institution's transfer-friendliness by fine-tuning equivalency and profile data. Administrators can also use the Lab to create, update, or deactivate Lab users. Any UW–Madison teachers or staff who need access to Transferology will use the TransferologyLab extension.

Who Needs Access?

Teachers, advisors, and staff who would like to provide guidance to students on how courses transfer between institutions can access TransferologyLab (the Transferology administrative site).

How To Get Access

For Faculty and Staff attempting to access TransferologyLab:
  1. If you were directed to TransferologyLab because an email said an account was created for you:
    1. Follow the link in your email and create a password to complete your account setup.
  2. If you did not receive an email to set up a Transferology Lab account:
    1. Click "Request Lab Account."
    2. Enter required information. Be sure to use your preferred campus (generally firstname.lastname @ email address.
    3. Wait for an administrator to approve your account.
    4. Follow the email sent to the email address you used to verify and attempt to log in.

TransferologyLab User Guide

Transferology Lab - User Guide

More Information and Support

TransferologyLab has extensive support documentation provided with the tool. For documentation on the TransferologyLab System, see the following link: TransferologyLab.

If you need assistance with TransferologyLab, please send and email to

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