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CAOS - Curricular and Academic Web Services


Provides an overview of what CAOS is and how to find further information on the services.


The Curricular and Academic (CAOS) Web Services, formally known as the Course Roster Information Service (CRIS), are a set of web service method calls that provide curricular, roster, and student data to authorized recipient systems. Data is organized under three areas: Curricular, Course Roster, and Course Roster with Student. Curricular information includes data on courses and their relationships. Course roster information supplements the curricular data by also providing a list of section enrollees and instructors. Course Roster with Student access provides curricular, course roster, student, and advisor data.  


Information about Curricular and Academic Web Services can be found on the Curricular and Academic Operational Data Store (CAOS) wiki space. On that page, you will be able to find documentation on the curricular and academic model schema and Javadocs, data model, web service API information for the versions of the curricular and academic web services that are currently in production, as well as the development, test and production wsdls and how to connect to the web services via JAVA, PHP or .NET.

To find a complete list of methods exposed by the CAOS Web Service endpoints, read the version's "Service Interface" on the CAOS wiki page under the CAOS Web Services API section.

Request Access

To request access to the Curricular and Academic Web Services, go to

Any questions about the Curricular and Academic web services can be directed to the DoIT RO Apps Development Team at or Priya Sachithanandam in the Office of the Registrar at

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