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SIS/Building Your Schedule of Classes - Add a New Topic


When a topics course needs a new topic offering, you can add the topic using the steps below.

Step 1 

From Home, select: Curric & Enroll Rep WorkCenter, Add Course Topics. The Find page will display.

Tip: Menu navigation: > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Add Course Topics.

Step 2 

Use the Find page to locate the desired course. Search by Term and Subject Area to view a list of all scheduled courses, or search by Term, Subject Area, and Catalog Nbr to find a specific course. 

Tip: If you search by Subject Area only, just active topic courses display for that subject.

screenshot of add course topic on the Find an Existing Value screen

Step 3 

Select the course you want to view. The Add Course Topics page will appear. This page displays all available topics for the selected course.

screenshot of Add course topics page

Step 4 

To add a new topic, scroll down to the last row and select the + Add button. A new row will display with blank Description and Formal Description fields. The Description will be displayed in Course Search & Enroll and on students' transcripts and has a 30-character limit. The Formal Description has a higher character limit but is not as publicly visible.

screenshot of the Add topic row

Step 5 

Enter text in the Description and Formal Description fields. 


  • Create a topic title that is relevant to the course.
  • Since the Description displays in Course Search & Enroll and on transcripts, the topic text must be decipherable within the 30-character limit.
  • Do NOT use "Topics in X" or similar as the description.
  • Choose your text very carefully! Once saved, changes are not permitted, generally speaking.

Step 6 

Select Save. 

Step 7 

You may now attach the topic to your class section(s) for the desired term using: > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes on the Basic Data tab. The topic you just added will now display for appropriate terms in the lookup for Course Topic ID on the Basic Data tab of Maintain Schedule of Classes.

Note: Once a term is published, you may not change a topic that is attached to a class section. If the wrong topic is attached to a course section, you must cancel the incorrect section and create a new section with the correct topic.

Note: When a new topics course is approved, class sections should be scheduled with appropriate topics as usual, but you will be unable to create topics for the new course until after the date that the course is first effective. For example, if a brand new topics course has been approved by the University Curriculum Committee in the spring and added to the SIS course catalog beginning with the upcoming fall, in the preceding spring and summer you cannot add topics yourself. Instead, you will need to reach out to your contact in Curricular Services who will be able to add the topic(s) to the new course on your behalf. Once the date that the course was first effective has passed, you will be able to add topics yourself as detailed in the steps above. 

See also: APIR Policy on Topics Courses

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