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Course Search & Enroll - "There was an error while loading these courses" error


This document explains the meaning of the "There was an error while loading these courses" error message and how you can resolve it.

What it means

The CS&E Cart and Scheduler are disabled due to a faulty course in the Degree Planner tab. This is caused by a change to a course after it was initially placed in your degree plan such as a deleted course or a change in topic title.

The instructions below demonstrate how to remove the courses from the appropriate term's Degree Planner so the Cart and Scheduler are reset and available. 

"There was an error while loading these courses" message in CS&E Cart

What to Do

Step 1

Navigate to the "Degree Planner" tab.

Step 2

If you have more than one Degree Plan created, check each one to locate the plan with a "Cart" tab for the impacted term and select that degree plan.

Degree Planner term with "Cart" tab

Step 3

If you notice courses with a red exclamation/warning symbol, you can start by removing them from the cart to see if that resolves the issue. If not, remove all of the courses from the impacted term's degree plan cart. Do this one course at a time by clicking on the three dots and selecting "Remove."

List of planned courses in "Cart" tab with three dots to remove course

Step 4

Log out of CS&E and back in. Navigate to "My Courses" for the impacted term and verify that the error message is cleared.

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