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SIS/Building Your Schedule of Classes - Term Update Switch


This document defines the term update switch in SIS and outlines what curricular representatives may or may not edit when the switch is on vs. off.

What is the Term Update Switch?

The Term Update Switch in the Student Information System (SIS) enables or limits what updates Curricular Reps can make to the schedule of classes for their departments. During Initial Call and Final Call, Curricular Reps have full access to update all aspects of their classes. Immediately following Initial Call and Final Call, the switch is flipped to prevent updates that would interfere with the audits, corrections, and room assignments being processed by Curricular Services. Even when the Term Update Switch locks Reps out of certain changes, other updates can continue to be made to classes.

When the Term Update Switch is off, Curricular Reps have limited access to editing data in SIS.

Curricular Reps cannot:  

  • Schedule new courses or class sections
  • Update instruction modes
  • Update day/time meeting patterns
  • Update facilities (i.e. classrooms)
  • Update requested room capacities
  • Update class notes 

Curricular reps can: 

  • Assign instructors via the Schedule Class Meetings page
  • Adjust enrollment and wait list capacities via Update Sections of a Class 
  • Update section-level requisites
  • Update textbook information
  • Update instructor provided content 
  • Update global notes 

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