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SIS - Transfer Credit Inquiry


This document provides information about the SIS Transfer Credit Inquiry process.

Table of Contents

Viewing and/or Printing a Transfer Credit Summary

  1. From Home, select "Student Records WorkCenter Transfer Credit Summary." You will see the "Find" page displayed.
    • Tip: Menu Navigation: > Records and Enrollment >Transfer Credit Evaluation > Transfer Credit Summary
  2. Depending on if you already have a Run Control ID or not, follow the below steps:
    1. If your Run Control ID has never been created:
      1. Select the "Add a New Value" link or page tab.
      2. Enter a code to use as your Run Control ID.
      3. Select "Add."
    2. If your Run Control ID has already been created:
      1. On the Find page, enter your Run Control ID.
      2. Select "Search."
  3. Enter the student's ID. You will see the "Selection Criteria" page displayed.
    • Tip: Use the magnifying glass to look up a Campus ID.

      A screenshot of the "Selection Criteria" page.

  4. Click "Submit." You will see the "Selection Result" page.
    • Tip: Review Details for all term/school rows.

      A screenshot of the "Selection Criteria" page with black circles around the "Generate Report" button and navigation for "Transfer Model Details."

  5. Click "Generate Report." A Process Instance will be created, and the "Generate Report" button will change into a "Report Manager" link.

    A screenshot of the "Selection Criteria" page with a black circle around the "Process Instance" number and "Report Manager" link.

  6. Remember or write down your Process Instance number.
  7. Select "Report Manager." You will see the "Administration" page.

    A screenshot of the "Administration" page with a black circle around the "Prcs Instance" and "Description."

  8. Find your Prcs Instance number.
    • Tip: The most recent will always be on the top.
    • Tip: Click the "Refresh" button if the status is not listed as "Posted."
  9. Select the Student Transfer Credit Eval link for the desired process instance. The file will open in Adobe Acrobat.
  10. View; or to print, select the Adobe Acrobat Print icon. The Transfer Credit Evaluation for all rows of data is then viewable or will print.

Viewing Cumulative Transfer GPA for Students

  1. Navigate to > Student Admissions > Applicant Summaries > Application Evaluation Summary. You will see the "Find" page displayed.
  2. Search for the desired student. You will see the "Overall Results" page displayed.

    A screenshot of the "Overall Results" page with a black circle around the Cumulative Transfer GPA.

  3. View the Cumulative Transfer GPA.

Viewing Equivalency Tables

  1. Navigate to > UW Madison Applications > Undergrad Admissions > Transfer Credit > UW Course Transfer Rules. You will see the "Find" page displayed.
  2. Search and select the desired course. You will see the "Course Equivalency" page displayed.
    • Tip: Look up the External Org ID by using the magnifying glass lookup.
    • Tip: Enter part of the School Subject or School Course Number to narrow your search results.
    • Tip: In the Search Results list, current equivalencies have an end date of 12/31/1999.

      A screenshot of the "UW Course Transfer Rules" page.

  3. View the Course Equivalency results.

    A screenshot of the "Course Equivalency" results, with arrows pointing to the general education requirements and number of credits.

Link: Transfer Credit Inquiry (.DOC)

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