Course Search & Enroll - Wait Lists

An overview and step-by-step guide to adding yourself to course waitlist.

Please note: Some information or screenshots on this page may not reflect the new functionality and design changes that were implemented in Course Search & Enroll on May 20, 2021. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Many sections are set up to have a wait list when they become full. These sections are marked with an orange triangle in the section detail.
If you really want to take that class, add yourself to the wait list. If a seat becomes available (when someone drops the class or if the department adds seats), you may be able to enroll from the wait list.

On the wait list for a class you no longer wish to take? Remove the class from your assignment Wait list. This helps other students on the wait list get into the class faster.

How many wait lists can you be on?

For more information about waitlists, see Course Search & Enroll - Wait List FAQ.

Quick steps:

  1. Search for the class.
  2. Open the section details for the wait-listed section.
  3. Select "Wait list me if course is full when I enroll".
  4. Save Course to cart.
  5. In the cart, select the class and enroll (or you can enroll in all the classes in your cart at once).
  6. If the class is still full, you will be added to its wait list. If a seat is open at the moment you enrolled, you will be officially enrolled in the class.
  7. Review your Wait list in the My Courses tab to confirm that you have successfully joined the wait list for the correct section.

Search and view only open and/or wait listed sections

Seats and the sections panel of a class

After you have searched for the class in the Search tab and found a course, open the sections panel by clicking the "See Sections" button.
Sections will display one of the following symbols to alert you of the section's status:
check_circle Open: section has available seats.
warning Wait list: section is full, but has available waitlist seats.
report Closed: section is full.

Open the section to view more detailed information about class availability, such as class capacity, waitlist capacity, and number of available seats.

Class availablity

"Waitlist me if course is full when I enroll"

Select the "Waitlist me if course is full when I enroll" radio button before adding the section to your cart.

Note: You can use the "Waitlist me if course is full when I enroll" option for sections with open seats, too.
If that open section has only a few seats remaining, and it is a busy enrollment time, you will be added to that section’s wait list (if it has one) if the course is full by the time you actually enroll.

Section window and waitlist

Enroll to Waitlist

The enrollment system will confirm that you are eligible for this class. Resolve any validation messages or errors, select the class and enroll. For full instructions, see Course Search & Enroll - Add & Enroll in Classes.

Note: Although you have followed the enrollment process, you are not yet enrolled in the class - only added to a wait list.
Read below for how to enroll in your waitlisted class.

Your list of wait lists

Confirm that this class is now showing in the “Wait list” list in the My Courses tab.

List of wait list items

Enroll in your waitlisted class

When a seat opens for you, the department offering the class will send an email to your account inviting you to enroll.
The department has set up a temporary special permission that will allow you to enroll in the class until the deadline given in the email.

Before the deadline time noted in the email (usually two full days after your notification email was sent), go to your assignment Wait list in the My Courses tab, select the course and enroll.

Enroll in waitlisted class

Review your Enrolled list on the “My Courses” tab to confirm that you have successfully enrolled in the correct section.

Permissions are usually student-specific and the enrollment system will recognize you are allowed to enroll from the waitlist. However, in some cases, the enrollment system will require a permission number to enroll from the waitlist. If the department provides you with a permission number, you will need to enroll from your cart, not the waitlist list, after entering the number under "Do you have a permission number?".

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