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Faculty Center - Entering Textbooks


To add, change, or display textbooks on your class section, follow the steps below:


Step 1

Log in to MyUW.

Step 2

Select the Faculty Center tile.

Step 3

Select the "Textbooks/Instructor Content" tab.

A screenshot of two boxes reading Faculty Center and textbooks/instructor content with an arrow pointing to the latter.

Step 4

Select the correct term and then click "Continue."

A screenshot showing various term options, with arrows pointing to the term heading and the continue button.

Step 5

Find the specific class section and select the "Textbook info" icon or Class link.

Tip: To select a different term, select "Change Term" and follow the previous step.

A screenshot of an arrow pointing at the textbook info column.

Step 6

If textbooks are already displaying and you want to edit, select "Edit."

A screenshot showing textbook information and how to edit the listed info.

Step 7

If the Textbooks page is empty, you can copy all textbook information from another one of your class sections into this empty section by following the steps below:

    1. Select "Copy From Another Class."

      A screenshot showing textbook information and how to edit the listed info. An arrow points to "copy from another class."
    2. If the correct term is not displayed, select "Change Term."  Select "Term," then "Continue."
    3. Click "Select Class" on the class section from which you want to copy textbooks.

      A screenshot of how to select a class from which to copy textbook information. An arrow points to the select class button.

Step 8

If you will not have any textbook information:

    1. Check "Select to indicate that there are no textbooks or materials for this section." (save is automatic) 
    2. Go to Step 12.

      A screenshot of a checkbox reading Select to indicate that there are no textbooks or materials for this section.

Step 9

Enter or edit textbook information as desired.


  • To add a new row, select [+]. To delete a row, select [-].
  • To assist with looking up bibliographic information, use provided ISBN sites.
  • For assistance with the Textbooks page, select I icon, then select "Feedback" to email
  • Contact your bookstore regarding textbook editions, desk copies, or order quantities.

Step 10

If you're not ready to display textbooks to students, select "Save" to save your textbook entries.

Tip: Once displayed, to edit or add additional information, select "Edit," modify as needed, and then when done, re-display by selecting "Save & Display to Students."

Step 11

If you're ready to display all textbook information, select "Save & Display to Students."

Step 12

To enter or edit textbooks on another section, select "Return to Class Selection."

Step 13

When finished, select "Sign out."

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