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25Live - Special Events Requesting General Assignment Classrooms: Timeline and Processes


This document describes the timeline for how Curricular Services processes special events requesting the use of General Assignment (GA) classrooms.


For fall and spring terms, the special-events lead in Curricular Services puts out a call for General Assignment (GA) classroom event requests. The call email is sent to all 25Live special-event schedulers and curricular representatives, typically two weeks before the first day of instruction for regular A1 session. The call period lasts through the first Friday of the regular session. The main purpose of the call period is to process and assign rooms in the most equitable manner possible. In keeping with campus classroom policies, priority use of GA classrooms is first given to credit-bearing classes, second to academic events (including exams and review sessions), and finally to non-academic events (such as meetings of Registered Student Organizations, RSOs).

During the Fall/Spring Special-Event Call Period

  • Curricular Services will send out room-assignment confirmation emails only for events with occurrences less than a week away or for events with occurrences that fall on Saturdays or Sundays.

  • All other academic events will be reviewed and assigned by Curricular Services without individual email notice. Once Curricular Services has reviewed and assigned all of the event requests received during the call period, a general email notice will be sent to curricular reps and special-event schedulers to indicate the end of the call period. Schedulers and reps will be directed to review their requests submitted during the call period and the room assignments that were made.

  • Midterm exam requests will be prioritized over other event requests.

  • During the call period, only events in the SEALED event state should be considered as finalized. Sealed room assignments will not be changed without notice. 

  • During the call period, the CONFIRMED event status is used as a tentative room assignment and should not yet be considered final. Confirmed room assignments may be changed without notice during the call period.

  • RSO event requests – typically submitted through the Campus Event Services Office (CESO) or Grainger Facilities & Event Services (FES) – will only be assigned a week out from the event occurrence. If the event falls on a weekend, a room may be assigned sooner.

At the close of the special-event call period, no later than the fifth week of classes, the Curricular Services special-event lead will send another email to schedulers and reps, announcing completion of special-event call processing.

After the Fall/Spring Special-Event Call Period

The following standard procedures apply to special-event GA room requests submitting for the remainder of the spring and fall semesters:

  • Curricular Services will assign a room and send a confirmation email regarding new event requests within two business days (48 hours, excluding weekends/holidays) of receiving the request.

  • Events that occur during finals week will not be assigned a room until the week after final exam room assignments have been distributed. Such requests will be processed no later than two weeks before the start of finals.

  • After the call period, events in either the SEALED or CONFIRMED event state can be considered finalized. These room assignments are not subject to change without notice.

  • For CESO/FES events, reservations will be made for the remainder of the term, prioritizing events with occurrences less than a week away until all requests are processed.

Summer Term

For the summer term, there is no special call for GA special-event room requests. Summer requests will start being processed a week after spring final-exam rooms are assigned, or on a case-by-case basis as needed. Initial pending summer requests will be processed en masse and confirmed via email. Curricular Services then will follow standard procedures for the remainder of summer requests, i.e., assign a room and send a confirmation email regarding new summer event requests within two business days (48 hours, excluding weekends/holidays) of receiving the request.

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