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SIS - View Student's Schedule Grid


A step-by-step guide and tips for using SIS to view a student’s schedule in grid form. This guide is intended for UW-Madison faculty/staff users.


Accessing the schedule grid requires proper SIS security and this guide is intended for UW-Madison faculty/staff users.

Advisors and users of the Advising Gateway can access a student’s schedule via the “Course Grid” link in MyUW>Advising Gateway.

Note: Grid view in SIS 9.2 is as delivered by PeopleSoft and differs slightly from the grid view in the former version of SIS.


  1. Log in to SIS and select the "Student Records WorkCenter".

    Student Records WorkCenter

    Please note: there are a couple of other ways to navigate to the schedule grid in SIS. If you frequently use Advisor Center or the Manage Wait List page, you may find it more useful to navigate to:
    • Self Service>Advisor Center>Advisee Student Center>My Class Schedule.
    • Curric & Enroll Rep WorkCenter>Manage Wait List. Once there, right click on the red triangle next to the a student’s Campus ID, wait for “Actions Enrollment Detail” to appear and then click on “Enrollment Detail”.
  2. On the bottom left under "Queries", select "Enrollment Detail Summary".

    Enrollment details summary

  3. Enter student Empl ID number. Entering a term is optional.
    If you don't have the Empl ID, click on the magnifying glass and then "Advanced Lookup" to access additional search options.

    Enter empl ID and term

  4. Select the relevant term under the "Term Descr" heading.
    A new tab will open with the student's enrollment details for the selected term.

    Click start date for grid

  5. Click on any of the links under the "Click Start Date for Grid" on the rightmost column.
    A new tab will open showing the grid as of the first day of the term.

    Click start date for grid

Tips and Notes:

Grid shows schedule week by week. Browse between weeks by using the "Next Week" and "Previous Week" buttons.
Note: Grid shows schedule as of the first day of the term. You might need to view next week's schedule for a full 5 days schedule.

Grid now shows a 3 digit subject number instead of the subject description. For a full list of subject area codes:
Tip: Check the "Show Class Title" box under Display Options to have more class information displayed.

Grid shows both enrolled and wait-listed courses. Wait-listed courses will state "Waiting:" before all other course details. By default, grid start time is 8:00AM and end time is 10:00PM. Change those hours as needed and click "Refresh Calendar".

Display options:

  • Show AM/PM: Change from AM/PM to 24 hours format.
  • Show Class Title: Add class title to grid.
  • Show Instructors: Add class instructor's name to grid.
  • Monday-Sunday: Choose which days to display on grid.

Note: Click "Refresh Calendar" to apply any changes in display options.

Display options

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