Course Search & Enroll - Enrolling/Editing Honors


An overview and step-by-step guides to enrolling in honors courses, and editing Honors Optional in an enrolled course.


Read below for information on the different course honor options and enrollment instructions.

Honors Optional is a course option that can be edited after enrolling in the course.
Changes are made using Course Search & Enroll until that term's relevant deadline. After the deadline has passed, editing this option will require additional permission and will be done using Course Change Request.
Check the related dates and deadlines to determine whether to use Course Search & Enroll or Course Change Request.

Honors Options

It is important to read the class footnotes and departmental notes to determine if an additional component/section or credit value is required when taking honors.
Note: Graduate, university special/guest and professional students may not enroll for honors credit.

Enrolling for Honors: Step-by-Step

Follow instructions to search and add courses to your cart:
Course Search & Enroll - Searching for Classes
Course Search & Enroll - Add & Enroll in Classes

See below if further steps are necessary when enrolling for honors:

Editing Honors Option: Step-by-Step

  1. In Course Search & Enroll, go to the “My Courses” tab.

  2. In the Enrolled list, select the course you would like to edit.

    Select enrolled course

  3. Select the See Sections button.

    See course sections

  4. If the course is Honors Optional, you will see an Edit enrollment button at the bottom. Click the button to view your current enrollment status and to make changes.

    Change honors status

  5. The pre-selected radio button will display your current enrollment status. To change it, select the other radio button, then click Save.

    Change honors status

The editing option will not appear:

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