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Class Roster - Submit Class Roster for Section Change


This document outlines how to submit a class roster to initiate section changes.


In circumstances where departments may need to initiate section changes for multiple students representing a portion of their total enrollment, section changes may be submitted using the Class Roster.

Changes submitted after the end of the fourth week of classes and/or requesting changes for the majority or entirety of a class roster may require additional justification, review, and approval by the School/College Dean’s Office.

How to submit the Class Roster for section changes

  • Use the Download Grid feature on the class roster page. Do not sort the spreadsheet after you have downloaded it.
  • Add a column with the header ‘Change To’ at the end of the document.
  • Locate the name of the student requesting the section change.
  • Include the section(s) to be changed to and the five digit class number(s) of the new section(s).
  • Save the document with these changes and give it a file name that includes the subject area, course number, and term.
    • If this is a modular course or when submitting section changes for summer terms, please incorporate the session code into the document title as well.
  • Attach the saved document to an e-mail and send to Our office will process the section changes indicated.


  • Always use the graded section of the course. This section reflects the number of credits a student is enrolled for and whether the student is enrolled for honors credit. It is critical that we have this information so that section changes can be processed accurately.
  • When submitting section changes for combined section rosters, please indicate the five-digit class number of the correct department section change (the department that the student is enrolled under).
  • When a section change also involves a Credit change or Honors credit, a Course Change Request changing credits or adding or deleting honors credit must be submitted by the student.
  • Do not add or delete students from the printed class roster. These types of changes must be done by the student via Course Search & Enroll or using the Course Change Request.
  • Class capacity, requisites and consent of instructor will be overridden when processing section changes via rosters. Please make sure the student is eligible for the section before making section changes.
  • Section changes made via Course Change Requests with departmental approval take precedence over section changes made via class rosters.

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