DoIT Computer Lending Program - FAQs

This documents lists answers to some common questions regarding the DoIT Computer Lending Program, and also lists common solutions to problems with the rental devices or systems. Only students who are currently enrolled are eligible to check out equipment from the DoIT Computer Lending Program. Staff and faculty are strongly referred to work with their department's local IT on available resources.

Where can I contact the DoIT Computer Lending Program?
The DoIT Computer Lending Program is managed by the Walk-In Help Desk. Customers can either submit a ticket with us through the DoIT Computer Lending Program Request Form or physically come in to our Walk-In space at 1210 W Dayton Street in the Computer Sciences Building. We are open Monday through Friday from 7:45am to 5pm. 

Where do I return my DoIT Computer Lending Program device?
Devices from the DoIT Computer Lending Program can be returned to the Walk-In Help Desk. We are located at 1210 W Dayton Street, Madison, WI 53706 in the Computer Sciences building. If a customer enters from the main doors on W Dayton Street, the Walk-In Help Desk is in the offices directly to the right of the atrium space. We also have lockers that are available upon request for customers that may not be able to return devices during Walk-In hours. Requests for lockers can be escalated to the Service Desk.

We do not take returns for any of the Infolabs/Libraries equipment. Customers need to return the equipment to the locations where they picked up. 

Devices may be shipped to the Walk-In Help Desk. Please see [Link for document 99029 is unavailable at this time.] for more information on shipping loaner devices to the DoIT Help Desk. DoIT highly recommends to purchase insurance with the shipping provider for the package. If items are damaged or lost in transit, the customer is responsible for either a repair or replacement of the device as it states in their checkout agreement. Customers need to email to notify that their device is being shipped back along with any tracking information. If customers have any other questions or concerns, they can fill out the DoIT Computer Lending Program request form. 

Can I reserve a laptop ahead of time?
No. The DoIT Computer Lending Program is not able to provide reservations ahead of time for single device checkouts. Customers are only eligible to check out one laptop and/or one hot spot at a time.

Can I renew my device? 
The DoIT Computer Lending Program will no longer extend currently checked-out equipment past the 2022 Spring semester. If a customer needs equipment past their current due date, they will need to come in to the DoIT Walk-In Help Desk to return their current item and check out a new one.

For any questions concerning this policy, please submit a request through the DoIT Computer Lending Program Request Form.

If I return my loaner late, will I be charged a late fee?
We are currently reviewing our late/misplaced equipment fee policies and are handling this on a case-by-case basis. We encourage customers to return their equipment on time within their checkout agreements to avoid any holds on their student accounts.

How much does it cost to rent a computer, and how long can I rent one for?
Our loaner equipment is cost-free for students enrolled at UW-Madison. Laptops are available for semester-long checkouts and hot spots are available a month at a time.
I don't like using the trackpad. Can I rent a mouse with the notebook I'm renting?
No. The DoIT Computer Lending Program does not provide any additional items to customers that are not included in the regular rental bundle. This includes, but is not limited to:

Display Adapters
Power Strips

I don't have a need for the bag. Can I just checkout the computer and power adapter and leave the bag with you?
No. Customers must take all components of a bundle when checking out an item. E.g. for notebook loaners, a customer cannot checkout the computer and leave the bag and power adapter at the desk. This policy is similar to policies implemented by the Infolabs/Libraries, and ensures that our equipment stays together and isn't lost or misplaced.

My power adapter is broken. Can I rent one from you?
No. The DoIT Computer Lending Program will not rent power adapters separately. If a customer needs only a power adapter, they are welcome to check out a whole notebook bundle, including the power adapter, but they must take every component of that loaner bundle.

I'm having an issue with a loaner computer. Can I call or email for help?
Yes. The DoIT Help Desk will provide best effort support for issues with the physical devices that customers have checked out. If an issue cannot be fixed over the phone or through email, the DoIT Help Desk may direct customers to return the device to the Walk-In Help Desk at their earliest convenience to swap it for another one if we have laptops available.

I'm trying to install a third-party software on the computer I rented from you. Can I call or email for help?
No. The DoIT Computer Lending Program does not provide support for any third party software, data backup or other issues unrelated to the pre-installed software.

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