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ResearchDrive - Working With Collaborators If You Have Restricted Data

This document explains how to give collaborators access to your ResearchDrive storage if you work with Restricted Data. If you would like help managing collaborators then refer to ResearchDrive - Request Support for help.

ResearchDrive Collaboration Groups

ResearchDrive is integrated with the central campus Active Directory Services for NetID-based-authentication and security permissions and also the Roles and Access Management (Manifest) service for creating collaboration groups and providing NetIDs for UW affiliates and external collaborators.

Each ResearchDrive Restricted Data account has a Manifest folder and several default collaboration groups defined that are published to Active Directory and used to provide secure access to your storage.

Replace references to [netid] with your NetID username.

ResearchDrive Restricted Data Collaboration Groups
Role Manifest Group Active Directory Group Features Use Cases
Admins restricteddrive-[netid]-admin restricteddrive-[netid]-admin

Provides administrative control of a both Manifest groups and ResearchDrive account.

  • add or remove collaborators
  • change security permissions
  • Access ResearchDrive folders
  • Office of Cybersecurity
  • DoIT ResearchDrive Team
  • Local IT staff
Audit restricteddrive-[netid]-audit restricteddrive-[netid]-audit

Provides full read access to a ResearchDrive manifest groups, the ability to audit security groups

  • View manifest groups by default
  • request changes to an account on behalf of the PI
  • purchase additional storage on behalf of the PI
  • Lab managers
  • Research support personnel
Lab Members restricteddrive-[netid]-lab restricteddrive-[netid]-lab

Provides full read/write access to a ResearchDrive account but not to manifest groups for lab members .

  • add, remove, or modify all data by default
  • restore data from backup snapshots
  • Lab members
  • Collaboratrs who need to add, remove, or modify data
Read Only restricteddrive-[netid]-readonly restricteddrive-[netid]-readonly

Provides limited read only access to a ResearchDrive account.

  • read only access all data by default
  • cannot add, remove, or modify any data
  • Collaborators who only need to access data but not change it
External restricteddrive-[netid]-external restricteddrive-[netid]-external

Provides a UW NetID account to external collaborators and affiliates.

  • Provides access to WiscVPN
  • Does not provide access to ResearchDrive storage. Once the user has a NetID they can be added to lab members, or read only groups to provide access to the storage.
  • External collaborators or affiliates that do not have UW NetIDs

Adding or Removing Collaborators From UW-Madison

Contact your IT support team or fill out the ResearchDrive Account Modification Form

Adding or Removing Collaborators External UW-Madison

Contact your IT support team or fill out the ResearchDrive Account Modification Form

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