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LabArchives: Linking

How to link internal and external documents to an entry

Linking allows you to link an entry in your notebook to other entries, pages, or external files or folders. This feature is useful for a variety of reasons: 

  • Reducing duplication of items already elsewhere in your notebooks

  • Referencing files (>4GB) that cannot be uploaded to LabArchives

  • Connecting to data that can’t be stored in LabArchives for logistical reasons, like the ability to perform computation.

Best practices for linking 

  • LabArchives does not check the integrity of external links, so make sure that you store these files in a permanent location

  • When a user leaves the university, cloud accounts for services like Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive and their content are deleted after their NetID becomes inactive. Use shared drives to store linked files, like Google Team Drive, to make sure files are accessible to the team if a team member leaves

  • When linking to external data storage platforms, notebook users must also have access to files the chosen platform. Clicking the link will have them authenticate into the platform as usual

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