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IT - New Faculty Guide to IT Services in Russell Labs

A guide to IT services for new Russell Labs faculty.


  • Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Forest & Wildlife faculty

Welcome to Russell Labs!

UW-Madison and Russell Labs provide a variety of IT-related services. This document will give you a brief overview of what is available to you as a new faculty member.

Knowledge Base and Website

The Russell Labs Administrative Hub (the Hub) maintains a knowledge base with information on a variety of topics.  You can view the computing topics here

The Hub website contains an administrative staff directory, including a list of who does what.  The Areas menu item links to area homepage for each administrative group.  You can find the Computing area homepage here

A Multi-Provider Support Model

IT support on the UW-Madison campus is provided by multiple service providers: 

  • Russell Labs IT
  • DoIT (the central campus IT provider)
  • CALS Web Services
Please email to request help with any service except websites. You can email CALS Web Services directly at

NetID and Password Manager

Many campus applications are centrally authenticated using your NetID and password.  We also highly encourage the use the multifactor authentication (MFA) with your login to add an additional layer of security. Secure, share, and store unique work related credentials in LastPass

Learn more:


Our email and calendaring service is provided through Microsoft using Outlook 365.  Microsoft Teams is also available for instant messaging.

Mailing Lists

There are a number of mailing lists that can be used to contact various groups within the department.  This document (requires campus login) covers how to send email to those lists. 


The campus uses WebEx and Zoom for teleconferencing.


UW-Madison uses voice over IP (VOIP) and has also gone digital with their fax system. You can use headsets or we can order a VOIP phone for you.  The UW does not provide cell phones.

Desktop Support

Russell Labs provides desktop support by email, phone and walkup during normal business hours Monday - Friday.  

Computers, Laptops, Printers, Scanners and Tablets

We can specify, order and install computers, laptops and tablets for you.  Email our Help Desk at to schedule an appointment to discuss your IT needs. 

UW-Madison has special discounts on Dell and Apple equipment for personal purchases.  

Shared Printing

Russell Labs has 2 shared Sharp color copier/printers for use by faculty and staff.  Contact for more information.

Desktop/Laptop Operating Systems

We currently support Windows 10 and Mac OS.

Networked and Cloud Storage

Russell Labs provides free shared disk space on our Windows file server Russell1.  Lab groups can get a shared area, and each individual can have a separate, unshared area.  The space is backed up nightly, and is accessible off campus through VPN software.

Cloud storage is also provided through campus versions of Box and Google Suite.

Research Storage

The central campus computing facility (DoIT) is currently launching a ResearchDrive project that will allow faculty research groups 5 terrabytes of file storage.

Learn more: ResearchDrive

Productivity Software

Campus provides Google Apps for free, and basic Microsoft Office 365 applications for free.

Other Software

UW-Madison purchased site licenses for a number of software packages including the Adobe Suite. 

Learn more: Campus Software Library

Software Training

DoIT provides online training via LinkedIn Learning on a number of software packages via classroom and online delivery.

Learn more:  Training for Faculty and Staff


Each department has its own external-facing website: Entomology, Plant Pathology, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Each faculty member gets a listing in their department’s faculty directory, including a basic faculty profile page.

CALS Web Services provides free WordPress lab websites for free to CALS faculty.  

Learn more: contact CALS Web Services via this form:  

To get added to your department's website:

Application and Mobile App Development

DoIT provides both application and mobile app development for hire.

Learn more:

Online Course Production

DoIT provides online course production from conceptualization through development.

Learn more:  Online Course Production


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