Russell Labs Hub - Faculty Guide - Room Reservations

This document provides a list of rooms in Russell Labs which can be reserved for meetings. Please click on the link to open a new web page with a Google calendar view of the room's availability. Please note: you will need to be logged into the UW Google Apps to view these calendars.

Rooms Available for Reservation

Room Resource
A120 - Computer Lab This room has 20 student computers and chairs, and 1 instructor computer, a projector and 4 whiteboards.
A121 - Classroom/Conference Room Tables, 25 chairs, a projector, and 3 whiteboards.
A139 - Interview Room Table, 7 chairs, and chalkboard.
216 - FWE Conference Room (Schorger Library) Tables, 30 chairs, projector, and a large flatscreen TV with a computer for using Skype and other conferencing connected.
243 - Ento Conference Room Tables, 24 chairs, projector, and a large flatscreen TV.
A228 - Classroom Lab Capacity of 48 students classroom style with 11 computers and chairs, projector, sink, refrigerator, coat hangers, and chalkboard.
A232 - Conference Room Tables, 17 chairs, projector, sink, coat hangers, and taxidermy.
594 - Conference Room Tables, 21 chairs, kitchen attached, coat hangers, chalkboard and flatscreen TV. Please follow this link on using the Projection system in 594

Rooms Available with Additional Permissions

147 - Classroom Lab (Entomology)
153 - Classroom Lab (Entomology)
187 - Classroom Lab (Plant Pathology)
295 - Classroom Lab

Rooms Available in Building for Large Groups


To request a room reservation, please contact


Please see Laurie Ballentine if you have questions about reserving a room.
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