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This document lists links and information related to end of the semester grading policies


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Near the end of every term all instructors for that term should receive an email from the Registrar's Office indicating when the start of grading begins for that term and the deadline for submitting grades.  It is important that all grades be submitted by the deadline, otherwise instructors will need to submit a grade change  request (except in the case of 990 grades where the default grade is a P, however, the P grade does cause an issue for graduating students).

Even if you are not teaching a regular course during the term it is important to log in to your Faculty Center (available through MyUW) to check to see if you need to submit grades for independent study sections (such as 299, 399, 699, 990, etc).

Research (990) grading guide

  • for a continuing student they should receive a P for progress
  • a graduating student must receive an S for satisfactory or they will not be able to graduate
  • any student who did not make satisfactory progress on their research should receive a U for unsatisfactory (I for incomplete is not an acceptable grade for research credits)

If you do not submit a grade for research credits your student will be automatically given a grade of P for progress.  Please note that it is still preferable for faculty to give the P for progress grades rather than allowing the system to do it for them.  If a graduating student receives a grade of P for progress you will need to do a grade change for every past instance of research graded a P for progress.

In contrast, independent study students (299, 399, 699, 999) should be given a letter grade (A-F).  If an independent study student is continuing a project into a future term and you do not wish to give a grade at this point you should give that student an I for incomplete.

For more information on grading, please visit the Registrar's Office page on grades and grading policy.

Incomplete grades

Here is the campus policy on incomplete grades from the Registrar's Office, additional information regarding incomplete grades can be found on their website.

An Incomplete may be reported for a student who has carried a subject with a passing grade until near the end of the semester and then, because of illness or other unusual and substantiated cause beyond their control, has been unable to take or complete the final examination, or to complete some limited amount of term work. An Incomplete is not given to a student who stays away from a final examination unless the student proves to the instructor that they were prevented from attending as indicated above. In the absence of such proof the grade shall be F; even with such proof, if their work has convinced the instructor that they cannot pass, the grade shall be F.


If you have any questions about grading please contact the Academic Advising Manager.

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