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Changes: Application

This page describes the ED/SBS IRB Change application in ARROW

The Change application has two parts: the Change Application and the Modified Application.

Change Application
This portion provides a clear description of the proposed changes.  The Change Application is essentially a cover letter summarizing the changes made in the Modified Application.

The first page of the Change Application provides instructions on completing the New Change.
  1. Complete the Change Application, which will describe the changes you wish to make to the study.
    **Do NOT upload any revised documents to the Change Application. 
  2. Revise the Modified Application to reflect the proposed changes to the study by clicking the Edit Modified App button in the Change workspace. 
  3. If any study documents are being revised as part of the change, the revised documents must be uploaded to the Modified Application.
    For example, if the change involves revisions to the consent documents, upload these in the Informed Consent section of the modified application. 
    • Use the Upload Revisions (not the Delete button) to upload revised documents to the Modified Application. Using the Upload Revisions button will automatically replace the prior approved version of the documents being revised with the new version. 
    • Revised documents must have all changes tracked (in Word format). 
Modified Application
When a new study is approved, a snapshot is taken of the entire application.  When a New Change is opened, that snapshot is made available - as the Modified Application - to actually make changes to the approved study.  When a New Change is approved, a new snapshot is taken of the Modified Application.  The new snapshot should reflect the status of the study at that point going forward (until another New Change is submitted).

Revised Documents
As noted in the instructions on the Change Application (and above), any revised documents should ONLY be uploaded in the appropriate location of the Modified Application with CHANGES TRACKED.  Only upload one version of the revised document, no duplicates; the system will accept the tracked changes in approved documents.

Changes to Study Team Members
Changes to the study team can be made as part of the New Change application, along with other proposed changes.  If the only proposed changes are to the study team (excluding the PI and non-UW personnel), you should use the self-service Update Personnel function found in the main study workspace.  An FAQ on the Update Personnel function can be found here

Changes to the PI or non-UW personnel can only be made via a New Change application.  For changes to the PI, the current PI of record will be required to submit the change; the proposed new PI can only submit applications once the change is approved.

Changes for an Exempt Study
Please see our Investigator Responsibilities for Exempt Human Subjects Research guidance document for the types of changes that need to be submitted for an exempt study. Updating personnel (excluding the PI and non-UW personnel changes) is not required for an exempt study; however, if you would like to use the Update Personnel function for an exempt study, you are welcome to.  

**Please note, if you do not see the option for a New Change you may already have a Change open that will need to be processed. Check the "Follow-on Submissions" tab for existing changes and work with your staff reviewer.**

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