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This page describes how to get started with the IRB process, specifically for students, faculty, and researchers with no experience submitting research for approval from the UW-Madison ED/SBS IRB.

Step 1: NetID
A UW-Madison NetID is required for all UW-Madison personnel listed on a protocol in ARROW. Ensure all members of the study team have active NetIDs which are registered in ARROW.
For more information, please click here.

Step 2: CITI Training
All study team members listed on an ED/SBS IRB protocol application in ARROW must have completed human subjects research training.  UW-Madison faculty, staff, and students must complete either the CITI training course titled, "UW Social & Behavioral Course" (available under Question 2, "Human Subjects Protection for Education, Social & Behavioral Science Researchers") or the Refresher Course if the initial course was previously completed and has expired.  To do so, researchers should log in to CITI with their UW-Madison NetID to ensure their training will be updated in ARROW. Only CITI training associated with a UW-Madison NetID will be automatically pulled into ARROW.
Instructions from the HRPP office in the Graduate School on how to complete CITI training can be found here.

If a collaborative study includes study team members that are not affiliated with UW-Madison, they must have completed/will complete comparable human subjects research training elsewhere or may take the Human Subjects Protections Training available through the UW-Madison HRPP.  See IRB Guidance: UW-Madison Acting as IRB of Record and ARROW FAQ: Non-UW Collaborators for more detail.

Use Record a Human Subjects Training Snapshot activity in ARROW to ensure all UW-Madison affiliated study team members have their CITI training appearing in ARROW.

Step 3: Access ARROW
ARROW can be accessed here:

Step 4: Create New Application
On the "My Home" page, select the "New IRB Application" to create a protocol application to be reviewed by a UW-Madison IRB.

On the first page of the application, ensure you select the appropriate IRB, as the remainder of the application will differ depending on the reviewing IRB selected. If you have any questions regarding which IRB will review your study, please contact the IRB office(s).

Complete the protocol application. There are help icons available throughout the application, for assistance with specific questions or pages. Ensure all necessary documents are created and uploaded on the appropriate pages throughout the application.

Step 5: Create Consent/Assent Document(s)
The ED/SBS IRB recommends the use of the Consent Form Wizard. This wizard will ask questions and produce a template to be used as the basis for your consent/assent document(s) when submitting to the ED/SBS IRB (those submitting to the HS or MR IRBs should be sure to use the consent form templates provided on their website).

Be sure to read the template created by the wizard, and make any necessary edits and changes. Also, be sure that the final document a) matches the information provided in the protocol application, and b) is appropriate for your study. For example, if you are using an oral consent process, be sure to remove signature lines, and write the consent script in a conversational format.

Step 6: Submit Protocol Application
The completed protocol application must be submitted by the PI (faculty member) using the "Submit" activity in the application workspace to submit the application to the IRB for review. The "Current State" (yellow box in the upper left hand of the protocol workspace) will change from "Pre-Submission" to "IRB Administrative Review" once the completed application is successfully submitted.

Once the PI has submitted the protocol for review, the IRB will review and take action usually within 7-10 days, unless committee review is required. If review by the Expedited subcommittee or the Full IRB is required (as determined by the IRB office), please refer to the Reviews and Procedures webpage.

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