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End of a Study :: End of a Study

This page describes what to do in ARROW when an ED/SBS IRB study has ended.

Studies must remain active in ARROW until all research activities are complete.
  • Data analysis is considered a research activity, which does require an active study so DO NOT close the study until after data analysis has been completed.  To ensure a study remains active, submit Continuing Review applications in advance of expiration dates, if your study requires Continuing Reviews (studies "Approved No CR" do not require this).
See Continuing Review: Application and Continuing Review: Process for guidance on submitting Continuing Review.

Closing a Study with the IRB

When data analysis is complete - as determined by the study PI (See Study Closure Policy) - a Study Closure Report should be submitted in ARROW.  Please refer to the "Study Closure" link on the ARROW FAQs page for a step-by-step guidance on submitting the Study Closure Report.

If leaving the UW, see Researchers Leaving UW

Ensure the Closure Report is consistent with IRB approved activities and the previous Continuing Review application.

When a Closure Report is confirmed by the IRB, the PI will then be able to Archive the study.  When a study is Archived, no further email notifications will be sent and the study cannot be reopened.

Though not currently required, study teams will benefit from closing and archiving completed studies since:
  • Campus policy requires research data be maintained by the PI for seven years after “the final project close-out”;
    submitting the Closure Report marks the beginning of this data retention period;
  • Currently, closed studies will not be subject to post approval monitoring.

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