Scheduling Assistant - Create an appointment

This document describes how to create an appointment with someone who has shared their schedule via the Scheduling Assistant.

Create an appointment with a Schedule Owner

  1. Go to Scheduling Assistant site.
  2. Click on the Log in to Schedule an Appointment.

    Note: if you receive the error below then the account you logged in with is not currently activated for calendar (try activating your account in the: NetID Modification utility).

    not eligible login error

    Note: if you receive the error below then the account you logged in with is a resource account. Resources cannot be visitors in the Scheduling Assistant utility..


  3. To create an appointment/meeting with a Schedule Owner, just click on the name of that user to see there availability schedule.
    If you are a UW student, the Scheduling Assistant system automatically connects you with your assigned Academic Advisor(s) and Instructors and will display their names on this page.


  4. After clicking on the user, you will see a listing of their free and busy times within their schedule.


  5. Click on any of the blocks marked 'free' To create an appointment.


    The above page will allow you to create an appointment with the selected user. You may also have the ability to change the length of the appointment (if the owner allowed that).

    multiple visitor appt/mtg page

    The above page will allow you to join an appointment which allows more than one attendee with the selected user.

  6. Fill in the necessary information and click on the Create button. A confirmation message should be displayed.


    Note: This will automatically create an appt/mtg in Office 365 where the person you created this appt/mtg with is the owner and you are an attendee (automatically accepted). If the owner and the attendee are on different email/calendaring systems (e.g. Office 365), the schedule owner will receive two email notifications for this newly created event. If you want to read more about this issue, please read the Scheduling Assistant Known Issues document.

Finding Schedule Owners

Scheduling Assistant will automatically display Schedule Owners that have shared their schedule with you. If no Schedule Owners have shared their schedule with you, you have a few other options.

  • If you are a UW Student and you do not see your academic advisor listed, it could mean two things: 1) your adviser is not using this service, or 2) you currently do not have an assigned adviser (a: go to WC Assistant Public profile listing, b: use the UW Undergraduate Advising Toolkit).
  • Otherwise, you can use public listing link to search for users who have a public profile within this application.


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