Scheduling Assistant (Advisors) - Sharing Your Available Schedule with Other Users

After you have setup/configured your available hours, you will now want to share your calendar with your students. If you have not setup your available hours, use the following instructions: Scheduling Assistant - Owners: Configuring/Managing Your Account.

  1. Go to Scheduling Assistant.

  2. Click the Log in to post your Availability link.

  3. If prompted, enter your NetID credentials.

    Note: If you receive the following error:

    The error text reads: "The account that your are currently logged in with is not authorized for the requested page."

    Use the link within the error to create your Scheduling Assistant profile or contact the Help Desk to further troubleshoot the issue.

  4. Click the Schedule Sharing link from within your available schedule page.

    relationship management screen

    You now have the ability to share your calendar multiple ways.

  5. To share your schedule with your assigned students or to create a public share, use the Advanced Sharing Preferences link.

    owner sharing with others page

    • To create a public profile, place a check mark within the "Create a Public Profile" check box and enter a descriptive text for your profile within the "Public Profile Description" text box, and click the Save button. Important: It may take up to 24 hours for Google to index our sharing site.
    • Place a check mark within the "Authorize All of your Assigned Advisees" checkbox and click the Save button. In doing so, your advisees will now be able to create appointments with you via the Scheduling Assistant application.
    • Examples of public profile descriptions:
      • L&S Advisor
      • English Advisor
      • Office 365 Support Team
    • To review your public profile, click on your public profile link.

    your public profile

  6. To add users individually, return to sharing settings page and use the Create a new Relationship>> link.

    create a relationship page

    Start typing the name or NetID of the person with whom you wish to share your schedule. As you type this form will look for matching people; a list of matches will begin to appear.
    Tip: start typing the person's last name for a quicker match. Select the matching name from the list.

    Next, enter the relative text between you and this user within the relationship text box.

    authorize page

    Click the Authorize button.

    manage relationship screen

    Continue performing this step until you have added all the users you want to share your schedule with.

  7. You also have the ability to add users as a group via a CSV file. To do so, return to sharing settings page and click the Import Relationships from a File link.

    import via .csv file

    Once you have the file created with the necessary data, use the Browse and Upload buttons to import the list of users.

Note: The user(s) you have listed within your sharing page will now see your name listed within their scheduling page when they log into Scheduling Assistant application as a visitor.


If you want to remove a user from your sharing list, return to the sharing page and click Revoke with the red X next to their name. To remove your public profile, go to the sharing page, click the Advanced Sharing Settings>> link, then remove the check mark from within "Create a Public Profile" check box and click the Save button.

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