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This document describes the Public Profile feature available to registered Schedule Owners within the Scheduling Assistant.


The Scheduling Assistant Relationship sub-system is a powerful way to authorize individuals that you have a University affiliation with to view your schedule and create appointments. However, there are a number of circumstances where you may want to share your schedule with others that may not have a strong affiliation with you. The Public Profile feature in the Scheduling Assistant allows you to open up your schedule for just this case.

Examples of Intended Use

The following scenarios are just a subset of the motivators behind the Public Profile system:

  • An Academic Advisor responsible for students seeking to switch majors, or first year students that do not have an affiliation to your college/school.
  • An Instructor that will accept appointments from students that aren't enrolled in any of their classes.
  • A technology consultant willing to provide training for certain topics to any one on campus.

Public Profile Benefits

  • When you create a public profile, the Scheduling Assistant will construct a page for you including your name, your "noteboard," a description of yourself that you provide, and a special link to your schedule that any Office 365 eligible person will be able to view.

  • This special public profile page can be seen by anyone in the world, and is indexed by Google and other popular search engines, giving the added benefit for people to find your schedule simply by searching.

  • The Scheduling Assistant can only allow individuals eligible for Office 365 the ability to actually view your schedule and create appointments; it is not possible to extend this feature for individuals outside of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Creating a Public Profile

You must register as a Schedule Owner within the Scheduling Assistant first. Once registered:

  1. Visit the advanced sharing page:
  2. advanced_sharing_preferences
  3. Check the box marked "Create a Public Profile".
  4. Describe yourself in the Public Profile Description input field. Be sure to include terms that explain why a person on campus would want to meet with you and words people may use to search for you.
  5. In addition, add Profile Tags to your account to distinguish your profile as well as group it with other public profiles that might be related: Math, Political Science
  6. Click Save, and your profile will be created. A link to your special public profile will be created and included on the page.

Public Profile Display Name Changes

  • Public Profile Display names are populated from the original calendar display name fields. These values cannot be updated by any user form, meaning that if a customer would like to update their Public Profile Display Names, they will need to submit a case through the DoIT Help Desk. Requests will be processed by the Office 365 Team. Turnaround for cases will depend on the speed/frequency of search engine indexing (typically under 48 hours).

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