Scheduling Assistant - Known Issues

Below is a list of feature requests and known issues with the Scheduling Assistant service.

  • Sometimes, the student ID is replaced by dashes, [UW Student ID: ----------], within an appointment between an advisee and advisor.
    • We have performed extensive review of the code and nothing has changed within our code that would cause this issue. Since this does not occur for every appointment made within the system, we can only assume that this is a client/OS side behavior. Since Scheduling Assistant will be decommissioned over the winter of 2018-19, please use the name, email address, and NetID of the student to look up their student ID within student information tools you have access to.
  • Scheduling with external users causes Office 365 users to get two Scheduling Assistant notifications.
    • When an Office 365 Exchange account schedules (via Scheduling Assistant) with an external calendaring system (Google Calendar, etc.) the exchange account receives an email for scheduling the event and another when the visitor accepts the event.
  • Some users report they cannot see their advisor or advisees
    • As an advisor, please be sure that you have authorized your advisees to see your Scheduling Assistant profile. You can read up on documentation for this process here.
    • If you have recently changed your primary address, it may take up to 48 hours to properly sync with your Scheduling Assistant. If users report having trouble finding you, or you have trouble finding others 48 or more hours after changing your primary address, please contact the HelpDesk.
  • Some users cannot cancel an appointment with a Schedule Owner
    • The availability window option within the schedule owners preferences limits the how soon in advance an user can schedule an appointment. The default value is set so users cannot schedule an event unless it is more than 24 hours in advance. Using this number as an example, schedulers also cannot cancel the appointment if it is within 24 hours of the appointment itself.
  • Office 365 resource accounts cannot be visitors in Scheduling Assistant
  • Users receive two email notifications for events
    • When an Exchange account receives an invitation to a calendar event from an external account (an account on a different email/calendaring system) via the Scheduling Assistant service, there are two parts that need to be processed. The first email you receive is one that has been programmatically sent to you by the Scheduling Assistant service to advise you on the time, date, and basic information of the event. The second message is an automated message containing the exact same content but because there is such a significant difference in calendaring protocols, the information appears garbled in Office 365. This second message cannot be disabled or modified which is why the first message is necessary in order to make the information appear in a clear and concise manner. In Office 365, this second message will appear as a normal event invitation. It is recommended to respond to the event only in your calendar view rather than from the email itself.
  • Changed settings don't update in an existing availability schedule
    • When you make changes to your availability settings, such as the location of the meeting place, those changes are not reflected for scheduling students.
    • These changes do not occur retroactively; in order to get them to update, you will need to clear your availability schedule and recreate it. The button for clearing this can be found when viewing your availability schedule in Scheduling Assistant, under your schedule. To rebuild your profile, please view the following document: Scheduling Assistant - Owners: Configuring/Managing Your Account.

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