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101 LastPass - What Cyberattacks Does LastPass Help Protect Me From?
102 Web Hosting - Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) Protections
102046DoIT Web Hosting2021-03-151737
103 Top Hat - Attendance Comments & Reports [UW-Madison]
104 Top Hat - Taking Secure Attendance in Top Hat using Geolocation [UW-Madison]
105 Top Hat - Taking attendance with Top Hat without using the Canvas integration [UW-Madison]
106 Top Hat - Taking Attendance while presenting your Lecture Slides in Top Hat [UW-Madison]
107 Top Hat - Taking Attendance with Top Hat in a Hybrid Course [UW-Madison]
108 Check your Attendance records in Canvas
116299Law School2022-05-261119
109 How to Submit Attendance through Canvas
115498Law School2022-05-261073
110 *** Top Hat - Taking Attendance With Top Hat (Instructor) [UW-Madison]
111 Globus - Accessing ResearchDrive or SharedDrive Storage with Globus [Campus login required]
108855UW-Madison Research Data2022-09-15665
112 Mass Email Tool Guide - Using the Tool - 1. Setting Up the Mass Email Tool (Excel)
122557HR COP2023-05-03530
113 The effects of student response systems on student learning and attitudes in undergraduate psychology courses
121076Instructional Resources2023-01-18507
114 Mass Email Tool Guide - Using the Tool - 2. Creating PDF Memos (Word)
122561HR COP2022-11-18444
115 Mass Email Tool Guide - Using the Tool - 3. Sending the Emails (Excel)
122562HR COP2022-11-18426
116 Instructor presence effect: liking does not always lead to learning
121059Instructional Resources2022-10-28405
117 Email Security - Executable Attachments
126802Microsoft 3652023-04-14394
118 Does visual attention to the instructor in online video affect learning and learner perceptions
121061Instructional Resources2023-04-13384
119 Instructor presence in instructional video: effects on visual attention, recall, and perceived learning
121077Instructional Resources2022-10-28329
120 Using Top Hat's Attendance feature in a large course
128279Instructional Resources2023-05-16137

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