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101 LEAD - Are students struggling in your course?
106933Learning Analytics2021-10-181285
102 Faculty Senate Minutes 2016-02-01
114015UW Secretary of the Faculty2021-09-29358
103 Learning Analytics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from Students
106024Learning Analytics2021-09-071238
104 Regular Meetings of L&S Committees and Other L&S Bodies/Groups
20047L&S Administrative Gateway2021-08-235709
105 OneTrust - How to request permission changes for SecureBox
106 Faculty Senate Minutes 2020-10-02
106990UW Secretary of the Faculty2021-04-051099
107 Faculty Senate Minutes 2020-11-02
107045UW Secretary of the Faculty2021-04-051039
108 Faculty Senate Minutes 2020-04-20
101835UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-11-131492
109 Faculty Senate Minutes 2020-03-02
101332UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-11-131366
110 Faculty Senate Minutes 2017-03-06
72338UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-03-232637
111 Faculty Senate Minutes 2016-12-05
70500UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-03-232051
112 Faculty Senate Minutes 2017-11-06
78531UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-03-232731
113 Faculty Senate Minutes 2017-12-04
79952UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-03-232042
114 Faculty Senate Minutes 2017-12-04
79763UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-03-23937
115 Faculty Senate Minutes 2019-04-01
92342UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-03-232267
116 Faculty Senate Minutes 2018-12-03
89630UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-03-231612
117 Faculty Senate Minutes 2019-05-06
94907UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-03-231717
118 L&S Faculty Meeting, 30 April 2012, Discussion of a Proposed College of the Arts [Campus login required]
23986L&S Administrative Gateway2019-12-23140

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