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101Kaltura - Known Issue - Kaltura MediaSpace Playlists Do Not Update Immediately Where the Playlist Is Embedded [UW-Madison]77333Learn@UW-Madison2024-01-025969
102SIS - Updating Combined Sections119152Office of the Registrar2024-01-022521
103SIS/Building Your Schedule of Classes - Update Sections of a Class118654Office of the Registrar2024-01-022077
104College of Engineering Program Proposal Deadlines (Minor Changes)93919College of Engineering Academic Planning2024-01-022367
105Kaltura - Legal and Policy Information [UW-Madison]96875Learn@UW-Madison2023-12-295608
106UW-Madison Box - File Size Limit46345Box2023-12-2811920
107UW-Madison Box - File Management33413Box2023-12-2833186
108Secure Box - Uploading SSN Card123347Office of the Registrar2023-12-272235
109MyUW (uPortal) Change Management Overview67378MyUW Madison2023-12-268919
110Bucky Backup - Download, Install, and Configure the Bucky Backup Client (Linux)25494Bucky Backup2023-12-2216556
111Bucky Backup - Download, Install or Upgrade, and Configure the Client for Windows80307Bucky Backup2023-12-229439
112UW-Madison Box - Managing Shared Link Security Settings41164Box2023-12-228839
113Kaltura - Uploading a Video with the MediaSpace Go (KMS Go) App [UW-Madison]98859Learn@UW-Madison2023-12-203283
114Kaltura - Known Issue - Audio Issues with Some MacOS Powerpoint MP4 files [UW-Madison]101841Learn@UW-Madison2023-12-202967
115HelioCampus AC - Eval - Survey Questions - Adding Course Section Specific Questions (Instructor) [UW-Madison]81393Learn@UW-Madison2023-12-2018558
116HelioCampus AC - Eval Survey Schedule - Changing Administrator's Name for Survey Schedule and Instance (Admin) [UW-Madison]96422Learn@UW-Madison2023-12-202417
117Canvas - Embedding an Existing Kaltura MediaSpace Video in a Canvas Page [UW-Madison]107750Learn@UW-Madison2023-12-198909
118Canvas - Accessing Your Kaltura Media in Canvas with Kaltura My Media [UW-Madison]97690Learn@UW-Madison2023-12-197649
119Bucky Backup - Download, Install, and Configure the Bucky Backup Client (Mac)24615Bucky Backup2023-12-1910981
120HelioCampus AC - Eval Survey Form - Using the Rollup Questions Placeholder (Admin) [UW-Madison]84697Learn@UW-Madison2023-12-193234
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