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21 College Library - Patron Documentation - Poster Ordering
22 College Library - Troubleshooting - Reimaging "locked" Loaner Mac Laptops
23 College Library - Reimaging Loaner Mac Laptops with a Provisioner Drive and Common Associated Problems
24 Staff - Governance Resources
78672Interdisciplinary Professional Programs
College of Engineering
25 *** Qualys - URLs to Access Qualys via Single Sign-On [Campus login required]
48553IT Security Vulnerability Management2022-01-111
26 About the KnowledgeBase
3KB User's Guide2021-06-01179906
27 L&S Dean's Senior Staff
36577L&S KB2022-05-114047
28 Declaring a Second Major Outside of L&S for L&S Undergraduates
21166L&S KB2022-03-116158
29 Student Achievement Measure (College Portrait) [Glossary item]
82470L&S KB2019-12-102166
30 L&S Senate Agenda
21759L&S KB2022-03-216504
31 L&S Senate Information
21679L&S KB2019-12-236025
32 L&S Faculty Meeting, 30 April 2012, Discussion of a Proposed College of the Arts [Campus login required]
23986L&S KB2019-12-23140
33 Retaking a Course at UW-Madison
21853L&S KB2022-05-1312607
34 UW-Madison College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
69637L&S KB2020-12-232714
35 How to transfer funds from UW Foundation to 233- Projects, College of Letters and Science Document
20141L&S KB2022-06-078440
36 Curricular Changes in the College of Letters & Science
20048L&S KB2021-08-046446
37 List of Undergraduate Degrees in the College of Letters & Science
21167L&S KB2022-07-012994
38 L&S Senate - Archive
21768L&S KB2021-10-287775
39 Declaring a Major in the College of Letters & Science
21164L&S KB2022-02-104732
40 AEFIS - Eval Survey Template - Creating a Survey Template (Admin)

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