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21 LEAD - are students accessing course content?
107282Learning Analytics2021-10-201164
22 Wisconsin State Statute 36.09(5)
102786Associated Students of Madison2020-09-251170
23 Faculty Senate Minutes 2020-11-02
107045UW Secretary of the Faculty2021-04-051216
24 Faculty Senate Minutes 2020-10-02
106990UW Secretary of the Faculty2021-04-051238
25 Faculty Senate Minutes 2018-10-01
87592UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-03-231273
26 Using LEAD Page Views by Activity Type (Bar Chart)
107165Learning Analytics2021-12-211294
27 Faculty Senate Minutes 2020-09-14
106539UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-04-011297
28 Administration & Governance
94198L&S KB2020-04-011425
29 Using LEAD Page Views by Date and Hour (Heat Map)
107175Learning Analytics2022-06-061429
30 Staff - Governance Resources
78672Interdisciplinary Professional Programs
College of Engineering
31 LEAD - Identify student performance in relation to a threshold
107265Learning Analytics2021-12-091462
32 Learning Analytics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from Students
106024Learning Analytics2021-09-071472
33 Using LEAD Grades by Page Views (Scatter Plot)
106987Learning Analytics2021-12-211476
34 Faculty Senate Minutes 2019-12-02
97612UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-04-011495
35 Faculty Senate Minutes 2020-03-02
101332UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-11-131498
36 LEAD - Are students struggling in your course?
106933Learning Analytics2021-10-181526
37 Faculty Senate Minutes 2018-04-02
82238UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-04-041532
38 Faculty Senate Minutes 2020-02-03
98400UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-04-011566
39 WSUM Governance Board
93711Associated Students of Madison2020-10-031617
40 Faculty Senate Minutes 2018-03-05
81362UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-03-231635

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