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21 ASA Document 601B. Shared Governance Values Statement
63713The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2016-05-272021
22 Associated Students of Madison
84192Associated Students of Madison2022-11-154245
23 Creating or Changing a Center in L&S
25219L&S KB2021-08-044441
24 Examples of Candidate Statements - Shared Governance Committee Elections
71098UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-12-022411
25 Faculty Senate Minutes 2016-02-01
114015UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-10-27780
26 Faculty Senate Minutes 2016-12-05
70500UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-10-272569
27 Faculty Senate Minutes 2017-02-06
72099UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-10-273053
28 Faculty Senate Minutes 2017-03-06
72338UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-10-273190
29 Faculty Senate Minutes 2017-04-03
73082UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-10-273367
30 Faculty Senate Minutes 2017-05-01
77159UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-10-272929
31 Faculty Senate Minutes 2017-10-02
77931UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-10-274105
32 Faculty Senate Minutes 2017-11-06
78531UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-10-273246
33 Faculty Senate Minutes 2017-12-04
79763UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-10-271259
34 Faculty Senate Minutes 2017-12-04
79952UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-10-272517
35 Faculty Senate Minutes 2018-02-05
80776UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-10-272800
36 Faculty Senate Minutes 2018-03-05
81362UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-10-271956
37 Faculty Senate Minutes 2018-04-02
82238UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-10-271839
38 Faculty Senate Minutes 2018-05-07
86715UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-10-272349
39 Faculty Senate Minutes 2018-10-01
87592UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-10-271574
40 Faculty Senate Minutes 2018-11-05
88199UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-10-272924

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