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21Student Center - Degree Verification97533Office of the Registrar2024-04-0524516
22SIS/Building Your Schedule of Classes - Adding Section-Level Requisites27665Office of the Registrar2024-04-048555
23Faculty Center - Grade Roster Tips96707Office of the Registrar2024-03-186832
24Course Search & Enroll - "Instructor consent or department permission is required" Error87502Office of the Registrar2024-02-2311811
25Administrative Requisite Maintenance135154Lumen and Guide2024-02-13265
26Course Search & Enroll - Course and Section Panels74443Office of the Registrar2024-02-0818875
27Term Withdrawal FAQ25151Office of the Registrar2024-02-0851108
28Course Search & Enroll - "You do not have a valid appointment" Error87497Office of the Registrar2024-02-0214554
29Course Search & Enroll - My Courses Tab94470Office of the Registrar2024-02-027400
30Student Center - Summer Session Credit Overload24376Office of the Registrar2024-02-025353
31Diploma - Degree Name on Diploma34658Office of the Registrar2024-02-0240716
32Course Search & Enroll - "Enrollment requisites not met" Error87504Office of the Registrar2024-02-0214316
33Class Roster - Submit Class Roster for Section Change98559Office of the Registrar2024-02-022257
34Course Search & Enroll - Searching for Classes15259Office of the Registrar2024-02-0228795
35Course Search & Enroll - Degree Planner98640Office of the Registrar2024-02-0212926
36Course Search & Enroll - Enrolling/Editing Honors98448Office of the Registrar2024-02-023925
37Enrollment Actions - Dates & Deadlines-Based Grid98323Office of the Registrar2024-02-029100
38Course Search & Enroll - Wait Lists15644Office of the Registrar2024-02-0256016
39Course Search & Enroll - Wait List FAQ15002Office of the Registrar2024-02-0282255
40Course Search & Enroll - Swapping a Class15257Office of the Registrar2024-01-3146669
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