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21 DPPS - Learning resources for using or sending files to a Makerbot 3D printer
54729DoIT Printing2015-08-131969
22 DPPS - Sending files to DPPS DropBox via Box
53587DoIT Printing2018-11-0819173
23 DPPS - Sending files to DPPS DropBox via Box
86778DoIT Printing2019-08-071492
24 Web Hosting - Sending Email (DMARC/DKIM/SPF Considerations)
110266DoIT Web Hosting2022-05-24981
25 Eloqua - Test sends
106918Eloqua Marketing Automation2022-08-052845
26 **** Eloqua - Email settings when using Design Editor
104732Eloqua Marketing Automation2022-08-052430
27 Eloqua - Can I use Eloqua to send to a WiscList, Google Group or Office 365 group?
117718Eloqua Marketing Automation2022-08-05447
28 Eloqua - Email settings when using HTML Editor
107720Eloqua Marketing Automation2022-08-051501
29 Create Eloqua Email Campaign (Basic Steps)
119132Eloqua Marketing Automation2022-06-21405
30 Eloqua - Using simple campaigns to send an email
97498Eloqua Marketing Automation2022-08-053025
31 Eloqua - Dashboard overview
106476Eloqua Marketing Automation2022-08-052385
32 Eloqua - Resending an email to excluded contacts
109253Eloqua Marketing Automation2022-08-052431
33 Eloqua - Finding an email's analytics
106475Eloqua Marketing Automation2022-08-052089
34 **** Eloqua - Presend checklist
106630Eloqua Marketing Automation2022-06-213809
35 Eloqua - Creating a new Segment
108479Eloqua Marketing Automation2022-08-051651
36 **** Eloqua - Solutions to common issues
109950Eloqua Marketing Automation2022-08-052798
37 Eloqua - Resending an email to contacts that hard bounced
109952Eloqua Marketing Automation2022-08-051709
38 Send to Pre-Submission [Glossary item]
17646Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2016-12-224236
39 Scientist Screwed Up? Send 'em to Researcher Rehab (2017)
76484Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2017-09-122312
40 Sending or Receiving Specimens/Data/Images Guidance
18880Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2020-05-2012059

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