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2212017 Class Schedule and Materials55505DS 414 Ruminant Nutrition2018-05-305360
222Stem Cell Ethics and Policy Training33285VCRGE and Graduate School2018-04-0555870
223Assessment and Evaluation Tools55582Effective Teaching | Internationally Diverse CC2017-11-301129
224UW-Madison Policy for Full Committee or Expedited Panel Review of Studies Using Human Embryo and or Human Pluripotent Stem Cells34716VCRGE and Graduate School2017-10-255574
225Mentor and Trainee Responsibilities33392VCRGE and Graduate School2017-09-116726
226Data Acquisition, Management, Sharing and Ownership33391VCRGE and Graduate School2017-09-117966
227DoIT Repair Terms and Conditions44975DoIT Repair2017-07-054632
228Personnel Policy and Procedures Committee Agenda 05-10-1773072The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2017-05-112299
229Activity: Results, Discussion and Conclusions of O'Brien et al., paper46879Food Production Systems &
230Class Activity: Materials and Methods of O'Brien et al., 201446789Food Production Systems &
231Activity: Humans and Livestock in Developing Countries71361Animal Agriculture &
Sustainable Develop.
232In-Class Activity: New Born and Calf Nutrition57084DS 414 Ruminant Nutrition2016-10-13514
233E-VPN stats and output61890UW System Network2016-03-161127
234Interaction between C (methane) and N (ammonia, nitrous oxide) emissions58892Ruminant Nutrition Physiology (RNPII)2015-12-131552
235Fall 2015 Materials and Schedule58561Ruminant Nutrition Physiology (RNPII)2015-12-131854
236Critical Evaluation on N balance Studies "Cow-Level" and "Pen-Level"58740Ruminant Nutrition Physiology (RNPII)2015-12-091155
237Partitioning of Intake N into Fecal N, Urine N and Milk N58741Ruminant Nutrition Physiology (RNPII)2015-12-091819
238"Gross" Conversion Efficiency of: (a) energy intake into milk energy and (b) N intake into Milk N58704Ruminant Nutrition Physiology (RNPII)2015-12-031233
239Activity: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Livestock: Best practices and Emerging Options47470Food Production Systems &
240Activity: Nitrous Oxide form Soils — Seasonal and Weather Related Variations47017Food Production Systems &
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