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241Payments: Add Participant [Campus login required]133020SMPH Research Informatics 2024-04-182
242Wheel of Privilege and Power119380Instructional Resources2024-04-1866212
243Participant Payments: Roles and Permissions132591SMPH Research Informatics 2024-04-1835
244Payments: FAQ [Campus login required]132744SMPH Research Informatics 2024-04-1822
245Pay-For-Print Mobile Printing131627InfoLabs2024-04-183548
246(Madison) Unbound Serials Check In Process for Serials Student Assistants [Campus login required]135066UWLSS2024-04-180
247Media Mentions of Human Ecology135732School of Human Ecology2024-04-18262
248Bio-ARROW - SmartForm - Personnel43064ARROW - Institutional Biosafety Committee2024-04-187382
249Bio-ARROW - SmartForm - Overview42557ARROW - Institutional Biosafety Committee2024-04-184312
250Facilitating Minute Paper / Muddiest Point Activities with Top Hat Discussion Question Type119099Instructional Resources2024-04-181692
251Using the PGA31 Headset Microphone with an AV presentation system105187Instructional Resources2024-04-183955
252Peer Review Rubric114199Instructional Resources2024-04-1812940
253Using the Bietrun Wireless Headset Microphone (or alternative brand) with the ION Arena Portable Speaker105179Instructional Resources2024-04-1816760
254Using the Giecy portable voice amplifier105189Instructional Resources2024-04-185697
255Creating a Multi-Source Presentation Video with Camtasia for Windows107168Instructional Resources2024-04-182758
256Fostering student accountability and preparation121917Instructional Resources2024-04-18788
257Online instructor roles121264Instructional Resources2024-04-183622
258Using NameCoach in the Classroom116472Instructional Resources2024-04-182544
259Course planning121273Instructional Resources2024-04-185172
260Transitioning to the online environment121267Instructional Resources2024-04-182543
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