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241 Workplace Safety
53145HR Policies2019-04-054670
242 Workplace Violence
53009HR Policies2019-04-054631
243 HS IRBs News March 2019
90658Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2019-03-271666
244 HS IRBs News February 2019
89482Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2019-03-272066
245 Perceptive Experience - Processing documents in workflow
246 HS IRBs News October 2018
87129Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2018-11-271848
247 Working with Reviewer Notes
17341Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2018-05-3013027
248 Working with Closed, Completed, Withdrawn, and Archived Studies
27634Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2018-05-307467
249 AANTS - Find a Workstation That's Abusing Your Server
4813Network Services2018-03-019199
250 e-Reimbursement - Saved TA/CA/ER temporarily disappears from worklist
8966DoIT Help Desk2018-02-147147
251 ECMS - Backing up configuration files for scanner workstations
252 Navigating Study Workspaces
17176Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2018-01-236450
253 Navigating the Study Team Workspace
78655Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2017-12-132414
254 Office 365 (iOS 8) - Working Offline
47174DoIT Help Desk2017-11-305622
255 Office 365 (Apple Mail) - Working offline
39340DoIT Help Desk2017-11-307344
256 Wisconsin IRB Workshop 2017
74697Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2017-08-223380
257 Excel 2013 - Enabling fill handle and cell drag-and-drop
40873DoIT Help Desk2017-08-17278425
258 Perceptive Experience - Searching for and viewing documents
259 My study involves working with students, parents, or staff at K-12 schools. Are there any special requirements that I need to be aware of related to my IRB submission?
74126Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2017-07-122893
260 Microsoft Excel - Formula to Calculate Sum of Cells in Separate Worksheets
2100DoIT Help Desk2017-06-122199522

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